The Friday Four

Rory hosts The Friday Four:

Before computers, Smartphones and so on what were you using when writing your stories and creating your literature? Just notebook paper or journal books. Mostly loose-leaf paper because it stays neat even if you have to lose a page.
What type of games do you enjoying playing online? Mostly Match-3 type games. I also play Rummikub. I was trying to see if anyone wanted to be on my team on Gardenscapes. Writers Unite is my team name and I only have 3 other members. You need at least five to participate in some of the challenges.
What age were you when you first started reading and what were you reading at that age? I don’t really remember but I do remember loving Dick and Jane books. I also remember my mom giving me “The Secret Garden”.
How do you prevent boredom entering into your life and are you able to list 6 effective ways in which others could introduce to stop it from entering theirs? I’m never bored. I have so many pastimes that I can’t even do them all. I think this is the best way to avoid boredom. You don’t have to be an expert at any of them but enjoy doing different things. To do things that don’t cost much, you can draw or repurpose objects.