Simply 6 Minutes – Friendship

A lovely contribution to Simply 6! Thank you Lauren for participating!

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Written for the Simply 6 Minutes Challenge

I never had many friends growing up. I was never in the “popular” group. I was often a loner, the oddball. I was an outsider for a multitude of reasons. I was the lone Jewish kid who did not ever know enough about my own religion. I had a multitude of step-fathers in and out of the house. I was a skinny bean pole. We had very little money and I never had the right clothes or shoes. 

I typically had one friend that knew most of what went on in my house. Being a loner meant I didn’t have to explain things. In high school I had two amazing friends who cared about me and I cared about them. One had tickets to concerts and Lakers games. She always took me with her and my world expanded exponentially. The other went a…

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