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We walked out to the coop. The heater had been left on for the chickens but with the winds making it feel like 10 below zero, the heater almost was a waste. I tried the door. Frozen shut. This was when I had to trudge back to the garage and look for any metal item I could get to jam in the door and pry it open.

With the door finally pried open, the darkness hid the hens. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that no hens had perished in the cold, they huddled together to keep warm and alive. I moved to fill their feed bin with food and turned to check the water. The galvanized waterer was situated on a hot plate to supposedly keep the water from freezing. I suppose it worked because there was water in the trough for them, except that was frozen from the cold air. This was my only issue with keeping the flock, keeping water defrosted in winter.

*based on true events

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Low Down Dirty Dog

A great piece of history as a contribution this week! Thanks for participating!

A Unique Title For Me

The prisoners sat around and listened to Son House play his slide guitar when he suddenly stopped and said, “Even though we can’t have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don’t get what we deserve.”  Son House had been playing in a juke joint when a man went on a shooting spree, and wounded him in his leg, so he shot the man dead and received a 15-year sentence at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.  Edward James “Son” House was born in 1902 and he was raised in the Mississippi Delta.  He became a preacher, pastor and was a singer in his youth, although his strong religious beliefs made him adverse to the blues or anything that was not religious music.  Son House took up slide guitar at the age of 25, after he heard a drinking buddy playing it one night and within weeks, he acquired a…

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Simply 6 Minutes: Judge Not…

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The Sound of One Hand Typing

When I see a statement such as the one above, I wonder who decides what I “deserve.” I mean, I can have an opinion about it, and others can have their opinions, but those are just that, opinions.

It’s kind of like on the old TV show Maude, when Maude would turn to her husband and say “God’ll get you for that, Walter.” Will God make something terrible happen to Walter because his wife said it will? As St. Paul says on two separate occasions (1 Cor. 2:16, Rom. 11:34), “who has known the Mind of God?” Maybe God is getting Maude for something she said, through what Walter has said or done.

A priest friend of mine had an expression, “God didn’t go on vacation and leave you in charge.” Or, as we said in the old neighborhood, “who died and made you the boss?” (Another thing we…

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Simply 6 Minutes 12/29/2020: there was another life that I might have had…

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sound mind journal

“There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.”― Kazuo Ishiguro

He is really thankful whenever he thinks of what he has that brief season. He sometimes wishes that he has another life, a normal human life, instead of being a “man” from another world, stuck on earth in an assignment to protect earth. Of course he has never thought that he would have been involved in any relationship with any earthling.

It was really a very brief year. She appears suddenly, not for any reason. She just happens to be a fellow lodger in that mountain lodge. The locked down order comes just as suddenly without notice and they have to live with each other. Just the two strangers on a mountain of 8000 ft above sea level.

From the start, they seem to know each other. Not in names or physically close…

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Truthful Tuesday

For this week PCGuyIV writes: I would like everyone to share something positive from this year. What you share is up to you. It just has to be something good that happened this year, and it needs to be true.
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One positive, which is really more than one but I will count as a collective whole, is selling my miniatures. When I first started making them I did so with the intent on learning how to build a dollhouse. I didn’t realize what was out there and how much I would love this craft. After building a few and hearing people praise my efforts I thought, “Hey, it won’t hurt and it only costs a tiny amount to list on It was slow at first but I proved to my followers and customers that I am completely dedicated to doing my best work all the time. I pride myself on the details I pay attention to and the little things I add to make something “work”.

Over all, I have sold 15 miniatures! I am really proud of myself and love that I still love making them!

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Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 12/29/2020

Welcome to the 6 minute challenge!

Today’s prompt is:

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*****For any participants that do NOT like restrictions, please feel free to participate in any way you would like. It is great to read the contributions!****

  1. Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
  2. You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.
  3. Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you think of a new Sonnet? Can you write 400 words? 400? 500? There are no restrictions on what kind of writing you do, but you should try to be actively writing for six minutes.
  4. After you are done writing, include your word count and then post back to this page #Simply6Minutes or include your link in the comments section. Pingbacks are enabled.
  5. *Feel free to leave your work completely unedited. I believe it is good to see, especially for new writers, that even very seasoned writers don’t write a perfect first draft.*
  6. Have fun, challenge yourself if you’d like, read and respond to others’ posts.

Thank you for participating!


The Sunday Whirl: The Cat gets scared!

The Cat sat there waiting by the light of the moon 

He wanted the kids here, he wanted them soon. 

He thought he saw something shine up in his eye 

He heard something breathing, he heard something sigh.  

From around a sharp corner a thing did appear 

The cat heard a bark. He didn’t want to show fear. 

It was almost the morning, time to look for the sound 

It wasn’t a mean dog, not even a hound.  

It was the kids for the Cat, they were playing a trick 

Feeling no divine intervention, the Cat he felt sick. 

The kids felt real sorry for scaring their buddy 

Pasting on a fake smile even though feeling cruddy.  

The Cat gasped real loud when he saw the kids cry 

He thought they should open their minds and should try 

To follow the Cat’s lead to have fun for the time 

Just having fun and laughing isn’t a crime 

So they went on together to enjoying their day 

The kids and the Cat had games they would play.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry Fan Fiction