Tale Weaver – #303 – Confusion – November 26th

Confusion with the Cat: A Cat in the Hat FanFiction Tale

The Cat in the Hat knew nothing at all 

About raising kids, the big or the small 

The one thing he knew that he knew he’d get right 

Was to keep the kids busy from morning to night. 

He kept lots of tricks and toys up his sleeve 

He always made sure a clean house he did leave 

But the kids never knew when he was coming or going 

He’d come when the sun shone and with the wind blowing. 

The biggest confusion they had with the Cat 

Was they wondered what he kept up in his red and white hat. 

He said he had toys and fish and some games 

And animals and clowns and roasting marshmallow flames. 

But if he had all those things hidden way up inside 

Did he put them in there to keep private or hide? 

The kids knew the Cat would come back some new day 

With all of the things they needed to play.

©2020 CBialczak poetry

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Retrieve – #YDWordPrompt November 26, 2020

November CHF 2020

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Walk Away

Walk away before you are able 

To see the mistakes, you’ve made 

Along the way, you can stop 

And retrieve the memories 

Because they are what brings you back 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry