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Ode to the Stand-up Comics

Just a little tidbit 

Of info for you both 

You think that you are funny 

I think that you need growth 

Your comedy’s not that funny

And has a lot to go 

But if you go and take my stand 

Your act is sure to grow. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

November 9, 2020



Today I woke up so grateful for yesterday and the decisions I made.

First of all, the political game is over, here in the US, which makes me really happy. I am tired of the back and forth.
Second, I decided to wait on becoming an Uber driver until I actually have to money to invest in it.
Third, I brought David to one of the landmarks of my childhood, Chaffinch Island State Park, in Guilford, CT. I have been wanting to bring him there for so long because he loves the ocean. When we first met, one of our days together we spent out in Narragansett seeing the different beaches.

So, they may not seem like big things but it just made me so happy yesterday and I was grateful for the way I woke up still so happy about it.

©2020 CBialczak

Wordle 481

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Family, team, passing, owe, progress, rural, soul, back, power, act, joy, those 

My Family

Welcome to my family 
a family of fine friends 
we are like a football team 
where the game-play never ends. 

We spend our time together 
passing things we like along 
we owe it ourselves right now 
to show that we are all strong. 

Progress that my family makes 
is not a rural thing 
its like a sort of city scape 
with soul and lots of bling. 

We have each others backs now 
so empty power doesn’t win 
the act of being like a team 
brings joys to us within. 

To those of you who understand 
then welcome to my home 
If you think that I am strange 
Find a new place you can roam.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry