Fandango’s Provocative Question #92

Fandango wants to know:
Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?

I had thought about this not only when starting my blog but also throughout this whole time of being an active blogger. I do not blog anonymously. I guess I don’t because when I started this whole blogging experience it was around losing my husband and my son. I didn’t really know what blogging was beyond “telling your story”. As time went on, I started enjoying all of the challenges and different forms of writing. I think what I write would not insult anyone, so why change now.

On the subject of anonymity, I don’t always tell readers where in the US I live. I guess if someone reads enough of my posts they probably know. Unfortunately, with Google and whoever knows what else, anyone could drive up to my door and I would never know how they found me.

I respect whatever anyone chooses but I do have to admit, I am more curious than a cat and it kills me a little (just joking, but sort of) to not know who people really are.

6 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #92

  1. You wrote, “… it kills me a little (just joking, but sort of) to not know who people really are.” Well, if you read my blog, Fandango reflects more of who I really am than my real-life identity does. Out of necessity, I find that I have to filter what I say and how I say it in the real world, whereas on my blog I feel that I can express myself, my thought, opinions, and perspectives more openly and honestly. Fandango is the real me even more than the real world me is.

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    1. You know, when I first “met” you it did kill me to wonder who you are but now, after all this time, yes, you are Fandango and it would almost be “weird”, I don’t know what the word is, if I met you and you were suddenly “Hey, guess what? I’m Fandango!” Hahaha, yes I do know you as Fandango and I am very comfortable with it now that I have gotten to know you.

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  2. I do. I think I’ve told you before that Greg Dennison is not my real name, and the town where I lived in 1996 is not actually called Jeromeville. Since most of my blog is based on true stories, and most of the other people in the stories do not know about my blog, it just seems awkward to use real names. Besides, I can take certain creative liberties when the people and places technically aren’t real.

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