Three Things Challenge #375

Your three things today are:


Little Worm

When the little wiggle worm 

Goes to eat his cheese 

He’s given flack from his friends 

For never saying please. 

He takes his turn at buggies house 

And shares his favorite dirt 

Buggie doesn’t mind the worm 

And loves that little squirt. 

They share their things and find their joy 

In giving to each other 

If you didn’t see their difference 

You’d think Buggie was his brother.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So important!!!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Whilst I wait for the clinic to advise me of an appointment for my first mammogram since my mastectomy last year, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting any irregularities or abnormalities in the breast checked out.
Mammograms are uncomfortable, but not painful as a rule, and Breast Cancer is not a death sentence.

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Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto

writephoto-12-july.jpg (427×320)


Ribbons in the fairy garden 

Blow in the breezes so soft 

Colors for each and all to enjoy 

Branches keep them aloft. 

Promises whispered 

Wishes can come true 

Into the fairy garden 

An angel walks with you. 

Set your heart on your sleeve 

And allow fairies to share 

The love that they know is desired

Breezes blow love in the air.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Pray Good Sense – a Shi Rensa poem

A Shi Rensa Poem for Ronovan Writes:

Joy in loving

Joy is a blessing
Coming from the light within
Feeling you are loved

Feeling you are loved
From the womb you are taken
Bringing love with you

Bringing love with you
Someday you might go away
Love is all I have

Love is all I have
With memories of us both
My heart waits for you

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Simply 6 Minutes – Waspish

Thanks to Trish for participating in the challenge!


6 minute challenge WASP 29Sept

I’ve never seen a wasp so black
Or poking around in holes like that
The kind that I expect to see
Hang out on my verandah

I think they’re called paper wasps
In general, they’re a friendly lot
I’ve always thought if I ignore them
They won’t attack, and we’ll be friends

But then …
One day, I was relaxed, just standing at the door
And felt a stab, the pain expanding
I bounced around, screeching; crying

The plumber who was doing a job
Came running as he heard me sob
And as he tried to calm me down
His buddy yelled ‘I’ve been stung!’

He swore, I moaned, we jumped around
We tried to grab at spots that hurt
The plumber’s mate, just stood and grinned
I yelled at him “Check under my shirt!”
(I was half undressed, by this point)

In my urgent need to be rescued

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