November Is Here & Your Horoscope Predicts A Month Of Positive Growth

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If you’ve been feeling like the past few months have been slow, sluggish and full of procrastination, you’re in luck—November will present you with an exciting, energetic shift. Your November 2020 horoscope begins with the sun in passionate, transformative and truth-seeking Scorpio, and things really get going when brainiac Mercury retrograde (finally!) comes to an end on November 3. This will help you think clearly, plan accordingly and stop focusing on the past. When Mercury re-enters Scorpio on November 10, it might even leave you with a revelation that completely blows your mind and helps you connect all the dots. It’s gonna be a good month, y’all.

This November will also give you enough drive and ambition to make up for all the laziness of the past few months. With Jupiter—planet of expansion—joining forces with Pluto—planet of creation and destruction—on November 12, you’ll find powerful and meaningful emotional reasons to go after all the goals you’ve been dreaming of. And when Mars—planet of vitality—finally stations direct after a long retrograde on November 13, prepare to feel like fighting for your desires and competing harder than ever before.

You might even feel like starting something entirely new, and on November 15, the New Moon in Scorpio will inspire you to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, and remind you that failure means you’re one step closer to success.

November is a month your love life definitely won’t forget! Venus—planet of affection—spends the majority of the month in partnership-oriented Libra, encouraging you to blow air kisses, hold hands and celebrate what cuffing season is all about. When Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, your love life will sizzle with passion, sexiness and intimacy. This will titillate your desire to belong to someone and get to know them on the deepest levels imaginable.

Wild, adventurous and open-minded Sagittarius season also begins on November 21, launching a period marked by spontaneity, cultural exchange and philosophical expansion. Banish monotony and tradition in favor of new ideas. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Sag season is a major turning point in astrology, as a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30 encourages harsh endings, new beginnings and unexpected surprises. You’ll soon find out where you’re headed next!

Fibbing Friday: October 30th, 2020

For PCGuyIV:

  1. What is a poltergeist? The ghost of a baby hen
  2. What supposedly happens if you look in the mirror and say, “Bloody Mary” three times? You know you are drunk
  3. What’s so unlucky about the number 13? It can never be the day at the end of a week
  4. Why do banshees scream? Because she is mad that she is banned from doing something
  5. What happens to a vampire in daylight? Their pale skin heavily contrasts their black robes.
  6. A Nightmare on Elm Street wasn’t about a monster who could kill people in their dreams. What was it about? a bad traffic accident
  7. Who did Norman Bates dress up as in the movie, Psycho? Randle McMurphy
  8. The Amityville Horror wasn’t about a haunted house. What was it about? The prostitution ring that got busted in the suburbs of Amity.
  9. What are the three witches doing at the beginning of MacBeth? Getting their costumes on
  10. What classic monster lives under the Paris Opera House? The grumpy old landlord


©2020 CBIalczak

Take Seven 30th October

Our words were:
beg, chest, cup, current, curtail, desk, draw, final, half, hound, moth, open, ribbon, shrink, sigh, sleep, small, speech, try, velvet, wind.

Martha’s Cup

Martha knew she’d have to beg 
To see inside the chest 
She knew there’d be a cup inside 
She didn’t know the rest 

The current mood inside the room 
Was pensive and so grave 
Afraid her brother would curtail 
The one thing she could save 

She pulled a chair up to the desk 
To draw a little map 
And at the final resting place 
Were nice words, not a trap 

She knew she couldn’t hound her bro 
He’s no moth near a flame 
She’d have to be quite open 
Not wind up throwing blame 

She’d try to tie a ribbon
Like a bow on her request 
But by the look on his face 
She thought shrinking might be best 

And so she sighed a half a sigh 
And said it’s time to sleep 
Her brother just surprised her then 
He said that cup she’d keep 

She was so happy she could cry 
A small tear ran down her face 
She try to say the speech she’d planned 
She knew this was the place 

Her velvet words fell from her lips 
Thanking him so much 
She was so happy she could cry 
Sweet tears beyond his touch.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Book Blitz! True You 101

What a perfect read for the spooky season! Congratulations to T.J. Eckhart on the release of her magical Urban Fantasy novel, True You 101!

Read on for an exclusive excerpt and book details!

True You 101

Publication Date: October 20, 2020

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Liminal Press

If one class during high school could help you become the person you were meant to be, would you take it? At the Reinholdt Institute of Sortilege Arts, sophomores are required to take True You 101 no matter whether they live in the mortal or magical realm. Over the course of a year, each student must confront all possibilities until their outer form matches their inner self. Blake Trudeau has always just wanted to be normal and hopes the class will make that a reality, but will the final spell conjure Blake’s fondest wishes or worst nightmares?



Chapter 1: Most Loved, Most Hated

In the mundane world of Collegiate Academy, where everyone in New York City thinks I go to school, Professor Russo’s course would be called Human Sexuality. Here at the Reinholdt Institute of Sortilege Arts, the course is called True You 101. It’s the most loved and hated course of the sophomore year.

I look at the textbook, similar to the school journals, because each copy will be blood-bound to one student. The magics we’ll be working with can track our progress, our changes, and our reactions on physical, emotional, and mystical levels. However, professors, tutors, and even administration can read it at any time. At the end of the course, the books erase and reset for the next year.

How do I know? I read all the materials my uncle gave me about this place at the end of eighth grade, when Grandmother informed me that I needed to leave the private school in Brooklyn and attend a magic school in Manhattan. My family taught me that the best way to keep a secret from the mortal world is to learn everything about it. I read, watch, and listen to everything I can get my hands on. I study things that not even my family knows about, and certainly not anyone at school. I once thought about telling Seb, but I’m worried that he’ll be afraid of me, as I am of myself most days. I’m grateful when the professor speaks up again, because it disrupts this distressing line of thought.


About the Author

Since 1995, TJ Eckhart’s fiction and non-fiction work has been challenging readers to look at themselves and their world through a different lens. True You 101 continues Eckhart’s challenge to reimagine a magic world colliding with the mortal one in regard to our true nature, one that rejects either a reversal or continuation of our everyday biases in favor of the more realistic complexities of what such a realm might be like. If you’re willing to risk opening up your mind, you may find Eckhart’s worlds opening up your heart as well. You may find her via her email (, on her main website (, or join her adventures on Patreon (

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Empty Room: Ragtag Daily Prompt


I leave

When I walk out, I leave it there… 

I leave my thoughts 

I leave my feelings 

I leave my hopes 

I leave my dreams 

I leave them in an empty room 

And hope they might be there  

When I return. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Tale Weaver – #299 – Over The Top – October 29th

Brad’s Rope Course

Brad was so proud of himself. He had worked for the past two weekends, up and down ladders, installing posts and brackets, to make a new ropes course in the backyard. The great thing about it, he had thought, was that with people being on the ropes course, squirrels would stay out of the yard and away from Marj’s bird feeders. He led Marj out to see the new course; he had a wide grin on his face. Brad looked over at Marj and his smile disappeared. Maybe she didn’t like the ropes course at all?

Brad, What is with all the ropes in the backyard?

Well, you know how you said you wanted to feed the birds? I saw the other morning that there were squirrels hanging onto all of the feeders and there was barely any food left.

And so you thought you would give them a better walkway to the feeders?

Haha, Marj no! I figured if I set up a ropes course the squirrels would see that it is an area for humans, not for birds, and they wouldn’t bother.

Brad, don’t you think they can tell when there are no humans on the ropes course?

Well, yeah I guess so.

So, don’t you think they would use your ropes course as an easy way to get to my birdfeeders when no “humans” are out there?

Well, then maybe it wasn’t the best plan but it is an awesome ropes course!

©2020 CBialczak Flash Fiction

For MMLM Tale Weaver:

What’s Up Wednesday {10.28.20}


Whats-Up-Wednesday.png (600×267)

Tonight I made turkey meatballs to go with the homemade tomato sauce I made last night. I also made brownies on Monday.

I was in Walmart looking for one of the strings of bells to hang on our back door (because the dog insists on jumping on the door even as it is being opened) and I saw a Santa suit. It made me remember how my son used to dress up as Santa every year to go to school right before Christmas vacation. I’m not sure I even have a picture of him in his Santa suit.

I’m loving the progress that I am making on my house…When I’m done fixing it up I won’t want to leave it!

Leaf blowing and leaf vacuuming! Living amongst the trees, we have a lot of leaves to get off the grass!

Just started a brand new miniature. It should be super cute! A two story loft apartment. Today I got the floor pieces cut out and glued.

Turkey on Thanksgiving. I was never a big turkey fan until I tried it with gravy…Now, fagetaboutit!

I just started reading Failsafe Query by Michael Jenkins. All I’ve been watching is election stuff…I hope this week goes by fast.

Lately it’s been a weird mix of music, but today in the car it was 70’s Rock.

My fuzzy sweaters! It is finally cold enough outside that I don’t look like a freak wearing them!

Having my good friend over for Margaritas!

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays….Tom’s on the 1st, mine on the 2nd, my mom’s was the 5th, my son’s was the 10th, Mary’s on the 11th, and David’s on the 14th. There is also Christa’s on the 1st, Aimee’s on the 22nd, Christine’s on the 2nd with me, and my stepmom, Laurette’s on the 30th.

James is coming next week to start the work on the gutters and facia boards. After that he is fixing the two windows that won’t stay up and building the new closet to move the washer and dryer. While he is doing that David and I will be taking down the cabinets in the kitchen. After the washer and dryer are moved James will be working on putting in the new cabinets. While he is doing that I will be tiling the wall for the new shower in the bathroom. I really hope I get my home equity line of credit! The interest will be a lot less than credit cards!

Thanks for staying and sharing my month with me! It is fun to think of all the things that actually get done in a month!

100 Word Wednesday


Image of picnic tables on a mulch bed at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington just before Halloween 2020 - with two pumpkins soocially distanced, image by Bikurgurl, October 2020

Michael’s Pumpkin

Okay guys hurry up! Time to go! 


Not now Michael, we have to go. It is almost four o’clock and I have to make dinner. 

But mom… 

Michael, please. Just get in the car. Your sister is already strapped in, I am just waiting for you. 


Michael, I am not arguing with you right now. Just get in the car! Why does there always have to be an argument when we leave the park. You know, next time I will just bring your sister and get Aunt Martha to come stay with you. 

But mom! 


My pumpkin…. 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Disseminate: FOWC with Fandango


spread (something, especially information) widely.

It was typical for Bruce to disseminate the entire podcast word for word. He always seemed to have the type of memory where he could practically resight things like that. I guess it could be a good asset to have except the reason Bruce was there listening to the podcast by himself was because nobody cared about the topic!

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