Great poem using one word! Now the heat is on for me to do a good one too!

I Write Her

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tastings leave me feeling shiny and new
selecting the best, we all win
the atmosphere delightful, taking it all in
friendships cemented over wine, so happy are we

I was inspired to write this after Christine – Stine Writing posted about this interesting form. It’s called an “In One Word Poem” and it is an absolute delight to be challenged to create in this way! My husband supplied the first word and I hope you enjoy what it prompted me to write. 🙂

The rules are:

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words

Have fun if you decide to participate! I hope you do and and look forward to reading what you come up with!

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Altered Helix: Book Review

 Altered Helix by Stephanie Hansen is a fast paced, coming of age mystery where the life of one teen becomes intertwined with a group of similarly aged young adults. Join Austria as she learns more about where she came from and what life has in store for her.  

Readers will enjoy the twists and turns of this quickly pivoting plot, at once drawn in by a sneak peek of the main character’s face with danger: being kidnapped from her job. The author introduces a variety of characters and the reader is left wondering who might be responsible for the kidnapping, who can be trusted and who cannot.  

The plot is amazingly easy to follow and moves quickly so readers are always awaiting the next event. The situations the characters are in are believable as related to the plot line and anyone who has wondered what to do with their futures will instantly relate to Austria, the main character.  

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. While Austria is a character well developed by the author there are some interactions between characters that did not seem realistic. Early in the book Austria first meets one of the other boys her age. She is instantly attracted to him, but her reaction is quick to judge. Pg. 21: “Well signed up for or not, Joshua excites me. I just need to show him that I make the decisions here.” 

Hansen has set up this story with a nice conclusion in addition to leaving enough ends open to incite you to read the next story in the series. I do look forward to reading about Austria and how she continues to develop.  

©2020 CBialczak Book Review

How do you say goodbye?

Written to, and for, a very good friend. I love you.

How do you say goodbye?
Do you think about the after?
Do you talk about the past?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you think about what you still need to do?
Do you talk to people who you haven’t talked to in years?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you think of your loved ones?
Do you talk to those closest to you?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you try to do as much as possible?
Do you talk about the things you wish you’d done?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you think of the fun things?
Do you talk about all the things you’ve done?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you think of all you’ve been through?
Do you talk about your struggles?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you laugh at the memories?
Do you cry at the undone?

How do you say goodbye?
Do you promise to always be there?
Do you promise to always remember?

How do you say goodbye?
I really wish someone would tell me.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Dilatory: Word of the Day Challenge

Written for WOTD:

dilatory: slow to act

******I hope I don’t make you all crazy with my Cat in the Hat poetry!******

The Cat Waits

The cat was so sad 

The children were gone 

They had to go out 

To school ‘cause it’s fun. 

He wanted to play 

But was dilatory 

He should’ve been sooner 

And now he’s sorry. 

The cat he decided  

To stay at their home 

He’d wait for the bus 

He’d try not to roam. 

When the kids got to him 

He’d be ready to play 

He’d make sure the toys 

Were hidden away 

From the mom and the dad 

Mom tried cleaning the house 

When the kids were at school 

She worked with her spouse 

But once they get home 

He’ll take out the toys 

They’ll play with them all 

They’re for girls and for boys. 

And once they are done 

The cat goes away 

Back to his own home  

Where he’s gonna stay.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry Fan Fiction

Simply 6 Minutes – Trevor

This is Trish’s contribution to my challenge!


My contribution to #simply-6-minutes for this week, Tuesday 1 September 2020.

6 minute challenge lizard Lizard, by Stine Writing

This is randomly different!
The sound of this beast is familiar, even comforting.
The feel of the beast, the deep rumble is also a constant.
But something has changed!

Normally I travel in the plastic box, with the lid of holes.
Down deep in the darkness of Simon’s schoolbag.
I see light only in three places; between house and car, car to classroom – and in the canteen where Simon takes me out to play with his friends.

They call me Joe.
The name I call myself is Trevor!
But, I’ll answer to Joe in the small ways that I can.
I don’t run away and tolerate them handling me and nibble on the scraps they drop into my box.

The children are delighted.
I am tolerant, but bored.
BUT this new adventure is excellent!

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Odd: FOWC with Fandango

Written for:

The Cat Sneaks In…

When the cat finally came  
He noticed something was wrong  
No one was talking  
No one singing a song  
The house was so quiet  
It sounded empty and bare  
The sound was so odd  
The cat tried not to stare  
When he got in the house  
The kids were sleeping in bed  
Both tucked in tight  
Upon the pillow, their head.  
The cat couldn’t stand  
The quiet all through the house  
He started to scream  
He even woke up the mouse  
The children woke up  
And were scared half to death  
The cat sat there waiting  
The cat holding his breath  
They started to cry  
And the cat he felt bad  
All he wanted to do  
Was have fun like they’d had.  
He looked at the kids  
And smiled best as he could  
The kids would be happy  
Well, he thought that they should  
He started to stare  
And wonder how they’d react  
They started to smile  
They started laughing in fact  
The cat was so happy  
He jumped up and down  
The kids they just chuckled  
He acted just like a clown.  
When all of a sudden  
The hall light went on  
Mom and dad they were coming  
The fun was all done.  
The cat would be back  
If not later, then soon  
And he snuck out the window  
Using light from the moon. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

As most of my followers can tell by  now, I love Dr. Seuss! This is another piece of my fan-fiction poetry.