Practice, practice, practice

So I got off the drawing practice for a while. I decided it was something I would like to return doing for a bit each day. I picked up a pencil and it felt like I have never drawn in my whole life. Luckily, your body remembers some things…

Anyhow, the drawing videos, all the how-to’s, are just countless and many are truly helpful.

I’m into drawing trees.

17 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice

  1. I like your tree! I used to like to draw. I always liked art class. Maybe someday I will do more. I guess my artistic side comes out in photos. And I agree with you, there are a lot of videos that will help us be better at almost anything! PS: I didn’t watch the whole video, but I watched some snippets…good stuff in there!

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    1. Thanks. I am trying. I watched that video that I put on the post and the advice was to pick one thing and draw it every day. The original person suggesting this to the guy doing the video said to do that for one year! That’s gonna be a lot of trees!

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