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Your auto-biography begins here. Break up your life (up to this point in time) into three chapters. Give each chapter a title.

Write three brief poems (one for each title). For added pats on the back, give your “book” a title as well (the title of your three chapter story).

Creativity Comes Full Circle

Chapter 1:

My favorite toys were miniatures
Holly Hobby spent hours with me
The Smurfs made me anything but blue
Mr. Rogers lived in a neighborhood I wanted
Stuffed animals were real and had feelings
Little People were really part of the family

Chapter 2:

My favorite people were miniatures
I was lucky to bear two beautiful little beings
I taught young, innocent minds
I developed positive experiences in small doses
I am a mother, a teacher, a role model

Chapter 3:

My favorite hobby is making miniatures
Small plants
Tiny furniture
Anything that replicates the real thing
Sharing my creations and ideas with others.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry