Patience of a Dead Man Book Review

By Michael Clark

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Patience of a Dead Man by Michael Clark is a 20th century ghost story set in rural New Hampshire. When Holly sells Tim a run-down fixer upper, neither of them has any reason to question the inexpensive property, eventually learning more than a fair share of the local history. 

Fresh out of a nasty divorce Tim needs to start over, but after losing just about everything to his ex-wife, he must find a way to do it quick and to do it cheap. The plot starts quickly and moves swiftly, engaging the reader from the first page. The mystery surrounding Tim’s new home quickly unravels and as soon as you think you have it all figured out, Clark introduces another thread to the plot. This is a tale with many twists and turns as the characters dig deeper and deeper, until you are dying to get to the last page.  

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars, for a compelling, mysterious ghost story that keeps you hooked from the start. The characters are relatable and convincing; it might make you start questioning your own beliefs. If you believe in ghosts this may be a five-star read, yet it is worth reading even for the hard skeptics.  

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It comes in nines!

This is written for dVerse Poet’s Pub:

  1. From prompt #2 – from W.S. Merwin’s “To the Light of September

It seems as though you are still summer 
Even with the sun laying low 
when the crisp air is blowing 
and the leaves start to turn 
but a warm breeze blows 
to remind us 
that summer 
is not 

2. From prompt #2 – from W.S. Merwin’s “To the Light of September

Broken shadows across the cracked ground 
A hawk flies to find its next meal 
The ground holds the warmth for us 
Keeping warm means holding 
Hold one another 
And don’t let go 

3. For prompt #1 – Dorothy Lawrenson “September

Summer breezes cease to blow and this 
Is the end of the golden sun’s warmth 
Leaving a slight chill in the air 
Too warm for staying in 
Exchanging flip flops for sneakers 
Its laces stiff from last year’s run 
Gold hues settle along the horizon 
For all we know we are still amazed 
Brass shines brightly in the sun. 

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Something is Stuck in the Hopper

Thanks to Jim for his contribution to Simply 6 Minutes!

A Unique Title For Me

Sam said, “This is pissing me off, as this is the third time that I had to come out here on the production floor to see what is causing the jam to the feeder.  The product isn’t making it to the vibratory feeder because the agitator keeps breaking down.  Hand me that flat blade screw driver and I will need that ratchet to remove the retaining plate.”  George handed Sam the tools that he asked for and he said, “What do you see down there?”  Sam said, “It looks like the agitator solenoid may be broken, see if you can get the engineer out her to diagnose this, as I have done all that I can do.”  George said, “What should I tell him?”  Sam replied, “Tell him that the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, no just go get him.”

Written for Stine Writing – Poetry, Positivity…

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