5 Fall Favorites


I used to love fall, autumn…I do only a little bit now.

  1. the cool evenings and warm days
  2. it seems to me that life slows down for just a bit after all the summer craziness
  3. candy and little kids dressed up
  4. my birthday and all the birthdays in fall, there are so many I share November with
  5. The colors of the leaves

In fall, there is a spider here in the Northeast US that haunts me in every way, which is why fall is no longer my favorite season.

18 thoughts on “5 Fall Favorites

  1. I’m looking forward to cooler weather. It was kinda pleasant today. Warm breeze. Not in the 90’s. 😊 fall is my favorite time of year. My birthday is in 10 days and Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. 🎃

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    1. Well, Happy Early Birthday! I always think to myself that I will remember to wish someone a happy birthday, even when I put it on my calendar and then it always happens that its that one day that I don’t go on the computer or something ridiculous! Anyway, Happy Pre-Birthday

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      1. Sounds like me! I try but sometimes just miss it because I get busy. Thank you for that. We were supposed to be going to Seattle but cancelled it because of COVID. I’m just happy to be healthy.

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      2. Well, Seattle will be there once we get all this under control. Is someone there or were you just vacationing? It’s funny because there are places that people talk about and I think to myself, “I would never have thought of going there!”. Seattle is one of those places except when it is mentioned I think it would be a great place to see. I don’t know…me rambling again….


    1. When is yours? My mom’s was the 5th, my son’s was the 10th, my best friend’s is the 11th, her husband is the 1st, my boyfriend is the 14th, my niece is the 22nd, and an old friend I grew up with is also the first. I know there are a few more!!

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  2. Summer is my favorite season. I also like early fall, because here that’s basically Summer Junior. Like I’ve said in my blog, it feels like summer here until around November 1, then within a week it’s suddenly as cold and dreary as it’ll ever be all winter. But winter is the wet season here, and with all the problems I’ve had with my roof in two of the last three winters, fall now just feels like foreboding, and rain is traumatizing… :\

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    1. Hahaha, I know the feeling. I had my house on the market last year and it didn’t sell. They say houses are going fast but the problem is finding another one and a job, if I move. The thing I hate is watching the woodpeckers make bigger holes in the facia under the gutters outside, or the seeing the green peak out from under the paint on the side of the house then never sees sun. It is always something and I feel like the longer I take the more that goes wrong!

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    1. That is for sure but it also brings up a lot of other stuff, my son’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, my wedding anniversary…I guess as we get older those things really start piling up! I guess as time goes by the pain does somewhat decrease. I like to focus on all the positives though, so as long as I keep my head on straight it is a great time of year.


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