Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that ends with in the end, we were just a moment. https://godoggocafe.com/2020/09/08/tuesday-writing-prompt-challenge-tuesday-september-8-2020/

I am…

I am not unique 
I am not distinct 
I am my mother’s baby 
I am my father’s daughter 
I am my sister’s sibling 
I became my husband’s wife 
I became my daughter’s mother 
I became my son’s mother 
Years later I became my husband’s widow 
A year later I became a mother who has lost a child 
I became my boyfriend’s lover 
I am still my daughter’s mother 
In the end, I am just a moment.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

5 Fall Favorites


I used to love fall, autumn…I do only a little bit now.

  1. the cool evenings and warm days
  2. it seems to me that life slows down for just a bit after all the summer craziness
  3. candy and little kids dressed up
  4. my birthday and all the birthdays in fall, there are so many I share November with
  5. The colors of the leaves

In fall, there is a spider here in the Northeast US that haunts me in every way, which is why fall is no longer my favorite season.

Truthful Tuesday 9-8-2020

Frank is our host and here’s his thought provoking question today:

Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging still the same as when you started, or has it changed?

I started blogging for a few reasons. The first was because when my husband passed away I thought I would somehow have tons of extra time. Another reason is because I needed an outlet, and not just a friend to “bitch” to or talk to, just a way to express myself. I actually loved the idea of people commenting and all that, so I had other opinions, but without the stress or obligation, I guess you could say, to respond or give a reason for what I had written.

I am not sure I can say that my reasons have changed per say, but I do blog now for additional reasons. One of those is the connection I have with people who have similar interests and ideas and another is to improve my writing. I find all the challenges and input from bloggers has helped me develop a stronger voice.


©2020 CBialczak

What do you see? #46



(This is a One-Word Poem, using the title – Wandering – as my one base word. Enjoy!)

Once I was drawn 

To a place that was grand 

A place with no anger 

The sand slips from my hand 

Where the sounds are so weird 

They whisper and blow in my ear 

And I take in each sand grain 

And hold it so dear 

And I try not to gnaw 

At life’s finest wire 

Holding me near 

As I wander.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Great poem using one word! Now the heat is on for me to do a good one too!

I Write Her

Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati on Pexels.com

tastings leave me feeling shiny and new
selecting the best, we all win
the atmosphere delightful, taking it all in
friendships cemented over wine, so happy are we

I was inspired to write this after Christine – Stine Writing posted about this interesting form. It’s called an “In One Word Poem” and it is an absolute delight to be challenged to create in this way! My husband supplied the first word and I hope you enjoy what it prompted me to write. 🙂

The rules are:

  • choose a word
  • list words that you find within that word
  • choose words from that list
  • write a poem in which each line ends with one of those words

Have fun if you decide to participate! I hope you do and and look forward to reading what you come up with!

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