Aerial Britain

To all of my followers but especially those in the UK, I am watching this show “Aerial Britain” on the Smithsonian Channel.

Your country is so beautiful!!!

Southern England

Trump Takeaway

On November 9, 2016 a family member wrote this only 5 hours after the declaration that Donald Trump was the new president.
It was written as a self-therapy bit to clear viscerally tangled neurological pathways. In clearer terms, a way to debrief after hearing the news.
The content and accuracy is scary, because it is spot on.
The author of this wishes to remain anonymous.

Trump Takeaway 
November 9, 2016; 5:00 am EST 

Trump Takeaway 

Subject: An Appeal to All 

“We the People” 

Everyone has responsibility to start reading their histories, constitution, an understanding of what just happened. If you’re afraid of Trump…time to get in the game, make sure he keeps his promises. He’s going to play by his own rules. You’d better get busy developing energy – He neutered the Busch’s, Clintons, and Obama. 

Gut wrenching change is the future – and no one, no how, now way knows where it’s going, what it means, the impact, the purpose, or unintended consequences.  

For those considering themselves as life’s students, think Elon Musk, and Astrophysics. I’d bet Sheldon Cooper could hook you up. Thesis: Endless Possibility…. 

Anybody watch PBS Frontline? The Choice 2016

Profiles of the two major 2016 presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump. Included:  insights from family members, friends, advisers, adversaries, political insiders, and journalists.  

The arts will emerge anew. Tech already rules. I’m not judging or commenting. Rather pointing out that money will come to you. It’s a reality. The question is, how the hell are you going to monetize and make a compelling financial case. A Trump supporter might take the other side arguing that no longer suppressed or shaped by idealistic leaders with tendencies toward uni-vision, that a government of monolithic “one size fits all” concept doesn’t work.  

Regardless of your politics, aren’t we at all interested in being energized? Trump nailed the numbers folks. He’s a machine. Might sound odd, but those tuned into psychology recognize his skill, talent, and energy. Through an entrepreneurial based management team, Donald Trump thinks out loud. Despite how it’s returned, negative or positive, he feeds off energy.  

Welcome to a new reality – It’s time to play “Cowboys & Indians meet the Jetsons”. Seriously, no joke. If you don’t know the game, pull it up. Cowboys & Indians…Wiki defines as Cowboys and Indians or Indians and Cowboys, a make-believe children’s act of play: tag based on Western genre themes and the 19th century conflicts in America between white people and the native Americans. 

Now contrast against HBO’s series “Westworld” and quickly the future is thrust upon us. Trump or no Trump, we’ve arrived. This is no longer virtual, its frickin real. At the time of inception writers, producers and directors had no way of knowing the outcome of the election. Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art? The point is Storytellers are indeed reality. They’re in the game, they’ve been there since the beginning of time. For its part, HBO has produced a real time compelling exploration in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.  

So, here’s a loaded question…. Do we ignore or rather use our energies to engage and participate? Remember, “We the People”? It’s a matter of engagement and participation. Do you know fellow participants? Have you sat with, listened, and exchanged ideas? Are you respecting varying opinions? Have you been listening to one another? I suggest that Donald Trump listened to what “We the People” gave him. As a developer he responded.  

Guess what? He gave us what he got. Whether or not anyone likes it, Donald developed story line, narrative, built the machine and won. This is a story found throughout America’s formation and history. And yes, America is a young country. We are all immigrants or natives including Donald’s family, certainly his wives. Hate to drag Elon Musk into this, but if correct, are we living in a simulation? AI and VR suggest the possibility. But for a second, ponder the questions raised by Jimmy Buffet in “Only Time Will Tell.” Curious minds have always sought answers.  

Unaccountable and unproven, this new leadership will have to recognize energy in all its forms. Ideas are born, harnessed, developed, and grown. At life’s core light has always existed. I’m not pointing to Donald’s public position on abortion or Right to Life. Our energy sticks to us throughout our development and formation. We shake, rattle, roll, – stumble, bumble, fumble…and yet, we are human FIRST. Everything else is secondary. Watch out all…” The Trumpinator”  has arrived.  

I propose we learn to get along, talk, converse, slow the fuck down, relax, and hit the quick release button which says, it’s OK, that we all live among endless forms of energy. It’s OK to say that I disagree with another point of view, I understand what it means to defend freedom and say it. Whether an alien from another country, planet or born here, let’s get real. We are from different places and enjoy different things. Hell, we might even act different. I suggest we focus the lens of light on what it represents. If you really want to expand, ask an astrophysicist (paging Sheldon Cooper). Ask what light means to technology and how to harness it? Reality – we’ve already done it. You are using it right now. 

Light as energy has been monetized in countless ways. Its properties are immense. It lives within each of us. It’s where we live, it’s in our genetic programming, it enables us to grow. Like most things it holds many definitions with endless interpretations. Humans can either react or respond. The point is that we need to pay attention and be in the game. The game isn’t rigged, it’s literally moving at the speed of light. If we don’t slow down and spend more time understanding it, we’re screwed. Get a grip people – The game is underway…. Light is power. Commencing in the 50’s the first match could be billed as Baby Boomers vs. Generation X. The sequel, “Millennials vs. Pre-pubescents”… (humor for those being curious). On deck…” The Unknown.”  

Despite changes, are we going to see habitual, predictable, “management silo-centric” organizations loaded with people who don’t care, or rather what some might think of as a digitized version playing out as “The Past meets the Trumpinator.” Whatever you’ve believed, wanted, or desired, the reality show has been brought the bear.  

Jump in and participate or take your seats. It’s your call. Ladies and Gentlemen…Empowered by democracy and produced by “Trump Television,” a reality coming to you. 

©2016 Anonymous

Transition: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Written for Eugi’s weekly prompt:

Seasons of Love

At the beginning it was cold, our love not born yet. 

Spring came and our love grew, like flowers blooming. 

By summer our love was hot with passion and desire. 

In winter we took the chance to settle in with each other. 

Like the seasons come 
An epiphany of love 
Forever changing 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry