Survive: FOWC with Fandango

Written for Fandango:

I pray you survive

When I think about  
the last fourteen years 
and all of the places I’ve been 
the people I have met 
those who have had an influence  
on who I am today 
I have certain people who I care about 
that I think about 
that I don’t always talk to 
who are there for me 
while I am there for them 
and they know who they are 
because that is how we are 
and it is at this time 
that I pray 
that my friend 
my sister 
will survive 
all she is going through 
despite the pain 
despite the desire to give up 
and to give in 
to the cards that were dealt 
which are those  
which I would like to take away 
so that she may continue to live 
for the valuable person she is.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #94

Written for Crispina’s weekly prompt:

My Dear Friend

Welcome home, come on in 

We’ve waited for so long 

Have a seat, talk a while 

I’ll make the coffee strong 

Its been so long since we conversed 

I miss you very much 

But now you’re here and so am I 

A friendship meant to clutch 

Close to my heart as well as yours 

For now until the end 

I’m glad you’re here, I missed you so 

My closest, dearest friend.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #28

Today Fandango wants to know what my favorite season is:

January is too cold

February is over-rated as the month of love

March is bland

April is when I start getting excited because it isn’t cold but it isn’t hot
So April starts my favorite season even though it is in the middle of the season

May is good too

June used to be okay but now it is the anniversary of losing my husband so it starts that blah feeling

July starts awesome because my daughter was born on the 6th then it goes down hill to the anniversary of losing my son

August is too damn hot

September is okay but the gross spiders start coming out

October is awful for spiders

November is my birthday and Thanksgiving so it is okay

December is December