A Name A Day

A few months back I had a challenge called “A Name A Day”. I had fun with it but it didn’t seem to attract other people to participate. I got a lot of wonderful comments, don’t get me wrong.

Anyhow, if you have someone that you would like a poem made for, using their name, let me know! I love doing it but don’t have anyone to write for!

This is one example!

This is free, just to tell you….

Impact: Weekend Writing Prompt #171

How sweet is it when what you want to say ends up being the perfect word count???

Show your love

Whatever you do when you go home tonight 

Kiss all your lovees and tell them sleep tight. 

One day may come when they are no longer there 

Now is the time to tell them you  care. 

Take heed of my words ‘cause I know what I say 

The love of your life can be taken away. 

Open yourself up 
Together you will  survive 
More so than alone 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry