Your Blogging Space: Fandango’s Dog Days of Summer

Written for Fandango:

Where do you blog?

I blog in my family room. I sit in my big chair with my matching ottoman that we got from David’s brother’s girlfriend. My big comfy chair is situated right next to my guinea pig habitat so I can sit and watch them and talk to them while I am working. I can see out the slider, which looks out onto the deck and then a bit of yard then a lot of trees.

I am in front of the television but don’t watch TV until David comes home or Lindsay comes over and turns the TV on. I have a few favorite shows but don’t care to watch TV by myself.

I have my small table where I can put my drink. There is a mug with pens and pencils, a ruler, and scissors. There are a bunch of things like a small pencil sharpener, toggle for my mac, tissues, extra paper, all near me. If I didn’t want to move all day I could stay in my spot and survive for quite a long time.

Thanks for stopping by to see my blogging space.