Poetry favorites

Now that my power is back on I am trying to find a starting point…I could go back and read posts, I could wait until tomorrow and read new challenge submissions. I decided I am going to some of my followers’ blogs and either reading or rereading the About Me section. A lot has happened since I started my blog almost one year ago and I think it is time to reconnect.

So I found Techie’s site https://mywanderings.travel.blog/2020/04/24/about-me/ and it inspired me to think about one of my favorite poems. There is a little back story on why it is one of my favorites.

Growing up I had the biggest crush on Pony Boy! The Outsiders was a movie filled with adorable young men, about my age, and a compelling story. When I started teaching high school I wanted to venture into poetry. Now, you may think that poetry is typical for high school English curriculum but I taught a special education class and my students came to me never having written a paragraph before. Anyhow, I found this poem and I read it to the kids and we talked about it. As I talked more light was shed upon the meaning and it became a favorite. Not the most exciting back story, but…

Another poem, and yes it is a speech, that moves me is that by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Again, I wanted to introduce my students to some of the greatest writings, at least in my book. It wasn’t until we talked about it, line by line, that I became so enthralled and moved by his words. I hope my students will hear it again and remember me…

So here is another that I remember as far back as my memories go. I recall seeing the movie “The Lorax” every year during school, probably around Earth day. I looked forward to this movie every year and for those of you who have grown up in the technology age you will never know what it is like to watch a movie on a reel shown on a pull down movie screen.

When I started teaching and found out that most kids had never heard of the Lorax I was appalled! I made all my classes, regardless of age, watch it and talk about its importance. They all, well mostly all, loved it. That reel I’m talking about….

Photo from Toastmasters.org International

Finally, one of my favorite poets, rest his soul, has been my poetic influencer.