impetuous: Ragtag Daily Prompt

Written for the RDP community:

Her impetuous behavior was the direct cause of the tragedy and it was hard for her friends to find any sort of empathy or compassion.  How could one forgive the stupid behaviors that could have ended and ultimately saved lives? This was a situation where a third party would need to come and offer assistance in understanding and moving forward.  

MlMM Wordle 197

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Vox Populi- the voice of the people; popular opinion.
Blood Orange

In poppy Fields

Under the light of the Blood Orange moon, she walked, although still asleep, into the open field of poppies. She did not stumble in this place, for she knew it well. If she were awake, it would seem so eerie, but she never fully woke up.  

The villagers blamed the girl for the meteor that fell from the sky, landing in this place of Opium and dreams. Their vox populi was that of rejection and would surely take its toll on her fragility as their hatred could not fade.   

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What do you see # 37 – 6 July 2020

This is written for Sadje’s What do you see? :
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Pure love

Veva watched from high above  
the sweetness of the hummingbird.  
From her heart she felt such love  
Her thoughts shown through her word.  
“Oh beautiful bird I can see  
that you’re surely made from grace  
you fly with intense dignity  
Into this open space.” 
The bird flew on not knowing 
that what she said was true 
For while the winds were blowing 
She knew not what to do 
“I fly because God made me 
to soar about this land 
I come and go around the sea 
that’s all I understand.” 
Veva stopped and held her hand 
out to the precious bird 
The bird she knew not where to land 
she thought the girl absurd. 
“I cannot land upon you now 
for I only have pure fear 
you look so safe and I will vow 
to stay so very near.”  
“Oh bird I understand you  
but let me tell the truth 
I watched you as the wind blew 
to see if there was proof.” 
“Proof of God, of love, of grace 
in what he made you into 
Trust my voice, my hands my face 
for I would never hurt you.” 

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Happy 22nd Birthday!

This sweet little girl is 22 today! She has been my pride, my joy, my rock, and so much more her entire life.

Lindsay Maria