From my desk: June 29, 2020

Well, tomorrow I begin my two day journey back up north. I will have to quarantine myself until I get retested for COVID since I am now in one of the target states. That is fine with me, I have a lot to do around the house as I really want to try and get it on the market again.

I hate to say goodbye to my dad even though I am ready to go home. Right now he lives so far away that I get nervous that I won’t see him again. Besides the dementia he is healthy as a 20 year old so I probably worry more than I should!

In the next two days please stop by and say hello! I hate when I can’t get on here and post a lot and then see no one has stopped by! I’m sort of a cry baby like that.

Please try to stay healthy no matter where you are on this planet! This virus is so pushy and just doesn’t want to go away!

Peace to you all and I look forward to getting home and resuming my regular “work day” of writing and reading on here!