The Sunday whirl

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cotton, can, coal, caress, cart, cacophony, cover, covet, call, color, column, corona

Wouldn’t it be heaven if you could caress the soft cotton of a babies’ blanket?  You typically do not see one the color of coal, but I am sure there is a cart that holds a black blanket someone wants to purchase. If you were to covet all of the blankets you would hear a cacophony of crying babies call out for their comforting cover.  So, you can put that idea in the column labeled NEVER and grab a corona. Crack one for me too! 

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Wordle #195

Written for mindlovemiserysmenagerie:

Wordle 195

Mom’s Birdbath

Betsy threw back the covers when she heard the bell. It was Lizzy’s bell on her bike. Lizzy was her best friend and had gotten a new ten-speed bike for her birthday. She insisted it still needed a bell, like a little kid’s bike. But Betsy was tired of laying here, so she welcomed the sound. 

Betsy was a pretty girl but born very fragile with many health issues. She tried to live as happily as she could, even though everything always hurt. It wasn’t just her joints though. She sometimes felt this burn underneath her skin that felt like fire. Despite her troubles, Betsy was sweet as sugar, with her golden curls and bright blue eyes.  

Before Betsy could get out the back door, she heard a crash.

“What in the world was that?” she asked aloud.

Swinging open the door she sees the Augean situation. Her best friend Lizzy had been trying to do a cartwheel in the front of the house but landed on mom’s bird bath instead.  

“Lizzy, what happened?” Betsy called out as she ran to Lizzy. 

Lizzy turned to look at Betsy. Lizzy furrowed her brow, at first wondering why Betsy looked so worried but then turned her attention back to her butt in the watery bath. Luckily Lizzy had risibility, making her laugh at her own carelessness. Betsy leaned over to give her best friend a hand to get up and out of the water. Both girls laughed and laughed.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction