Three Things Challenge #277

Thanks to Di at Pensitivity101 for 3 things:

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My experience

Having worked with the psychologically fragile I understand that caregivers need a chance to receive respite for all the hours they put in. It is a lot of work and mentally demanding. A great day is even an hour of peacefulness. It is not unheard of for smaller children suffering from an emotional disturbance to suddenly appear naked, to shock the caregiver. Luckily, I do not believe adults are the same. The hardest part is convincing caregivers that respite is for them, not because they can’t do their job right.  

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Cranky – fowc with fandango

Thanks Fandango for hosting the challenge:

little Milly

When Milly comes up to the house 

We hear her all the way. 

She’s always whining to her mom 

We wish she’d walk away. 

Her cranky ways and teary eyes 

No longer make us sigh. 

We’d like to take her little butt 

And kick her to the sky! 

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Silver – Thursday #writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent:

Thanks Sue for hosting and what a beautiful photo!

reminding me

Silver sunlight on the water 

Reminds me there are dreams. 

Ripples flow through shallow ponds 

Reminds me there are problems. 

Soft mud lines the pond 

Reminds me there are challenges. 

Dry sand around the mud 

Reminds me there is healing. 

Such simplicity in the world 

Reminds me there is hope.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

The Power of One

This is so powerful. It makes me mourn my son but it also makes me see such a bright future for my daughter! I wish her father was here to see her change the world!

Nuggets of Gold

My sister shared this video and I found it very moving. It is almost 6 minutes long, but I feel it is worth it! I love bringing smiles to all of you, sometimes with crazy stories and sometimes with some powerful words by someone else. Enjoy, and would love to know your thoughts!

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Friday Fictioneers

Written for Rochelle and Dale:

Lainey’s job

Lainey walked to the coop. There were at least a dozen chickens so collecting the eggs required a basket. Of course, like almost every morning, Lainey forgot the basket in the shed and would try to carry them without dropping any. She knew her dad would count how many there were. He said he didn’t do it to check on her, rather he did it to make sure all the hens were still laying. Her dad told her that after about two years, maybe three, most hens stopped laying eggs, sort of like women getting too old to have babies.  

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Tale Weaver – #281


Written for mindlovemiserysmenagerie:

Jessie’s true love

Jessie walked down the wide hallway, her heels clicking on the marble, as she observed the works of art. The museum had this gallery and although she had been to numerous galleries, this one always displayed the most beautiful pieces by famous artists. At this moment she seemed to be the only one in the entire building as there was nothing but silence besides the clicking heels.   

Artwork was Jessie’s passion. She loved to dabble in different mediums but found she was best at pencil drawing, capable of having images pop right off a page with her illusion work. She had been interested in illusion since she was a little girl. Magicians were fascinating to her. One of her most favorite artists to date was still Salvadore Dali. She wished she could draw the surrealistic images he was able to produce easily with paint. If Dali were still alive, Jessie would be at his doorstep begging for lessons. 

Jessie enjoyed all artwork. She loved Monet, but didn’t everyone love Monet?  Then Van Gogh. He was a bit crazy and you can see it in some of his work, but still the detail he was able to put into his paintings amazed Jessie. She was not too crazy about Norman Rockwell and other artists that drew such real life images, entertaining or not. To Jessie, artwork was an expression of all the craziness floating in your brain.  

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