National Insect Week Poetry Challenge

National Insect Week Poetry ChallengeJoin Yvonne Marjot, Ali Jones, Anjum Wasir Dar and myself. Yesterday, Monday: Spiders. Tuesday: Wasps And Bees. Tomorrow, Wednesday: Ants, Thursday: Beetles, Friday: Butterflies, Saturday: Moths, Sunday: Flies. Email me and I will add yours to my daily wordpress posts, also posted to Twitter. Here’s todays, so far

The Wasp and the bee

The wasp was so busy 

He forgot to go see 

The new small invention 

Made by the bee. 

It was made to get honey 

Without leaving the hive 

Didn’t cost much money 

Nowhere to drive. 

The bee he was mad 

Because wasp never came 

He felt sort of bad 

He called wasp a bad name. 

When wasp finally went 

The hive it was full 

A time well worth spent 

A moment not dull. 

Now wasp and the bee 

Are friends yet again 

They’ll just wait and see 

Who, where, what, and when.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


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