From my desk: 06/30/2020

Good night to all of my WordPress Family and Friends!

Tomorrow I will probably be absent from the computer. David and I have plans to meet some people at a Winery about an hour away. I haven’t been there in at least three years. I loved it then, hopefully I will love it tomorow!

Please stay safe!

Peace and Love…Stop hating….

Homecoming: FOWC with Fandango

Written for Fandango:

Doris loves Bill

She knew the day was coming 
when Bill would come to call 
it was time for Homecoming 
No time to walk the mall. 

But a dress is what she wanted 
to wear in a shade of blue 
just so she could stand out 
would Bill even have a clue? 

The day will soon be coming 
that Doris can dance with Bill 
Her love for him immeasurable 
Her love for him free-will.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spay/splay/spray.” Use one, use two, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!

Marcy walked down the street with little Milly on her new pink leash. She was scheduled for her spay this coming Friday. Marcy hated to think about the pain that Milly would endure, but knew it was healthier to spay her; the vet said spaying cuts down the chance for cancer.

Milly loved walking on her leash. She was tiny but she acted like a big dog. It was when Brian walked around the corner with his mastiff, Jack, that Milly got so startled she jumped and then fell onto the grass, splayed out like a ragdoll puppy. She got up quickly but was terrified by Jack’s size. Marcy tried to calm Milly, telling her that both Brian and Jack were friends.

Marcy and Brian decided to walk the rest of the way back to the apartment complex together. They had been friends for years, meeting while they moved in on the same day four years ago. Marcy will never forget how Brian was carrying in a box of books when her old neighbor Ester started spraying him with the hose accidentally. She had been watering the flowers in front of the complex and Brian got in the way of the water flow.

Brian secretly wished he could ask Marcy out on a date but now that she had her new puppy, she would be busy. He could use the excuse of walking the dogs to spend time with her though!

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

The Sunday Muse #110

Written for:

Billy’s rocket

Billy didn’t know it 
but when he did his belt 
he had a giant rocket 
around his shoulders like a pelt. 

He thinks he will stay warm now 
since fire is keeping him warm 
Does he know the fire 
Is a need to feel some alarm? 

Billy looks above him  
at the stars up in the sky 
He wishes he could fly there 
Soon it will be his goodbye.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Book Review: The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Book 1) by [Dot Hutchison]

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The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Dot Hutchison  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

I had forgotten about this book until reading Lena’s Review of Stolen

The Butterfly Garden was an intense book about a garden where the butterflies are girls who have been kidnapped and are now being kept in the garden together. It is a book for adult readers.

Dot Hutchinson is a fantastic author and I recall trying to find more of her writing. I would give this story a 5 stars! It was a book that I could not put down!

I understand this isn’t the most informative review but the story was just bizarrely fantastic. I read it back in 2016 and I can still see the imagery in my mind that I had while reading the book.

Check it out on Amazon:
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