Renewal: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

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Renku: First 10 verses

Green spring grassy fields 
New birth open to live now 
always wondering 

Renewal of earlier 
Each year before the next 

Happy animals hoping 
to start new families and thrive 
in these new beginnings 

Without planning 
spring comes each year. 

The winter moon is no longer shining 
for the earth is warming 
and the planets shift for the seasons. 

Love found on the icy glass 
of the frozen waters that lie.  

Surpassing all the obstacles 
unlike the change of the seasons 
love continues unaltered. 

Filling the world with hope 
and wonderment of things to come 

Hoping to fulfill the joys imagined 
with all the happiness 
togetherness will be bringing. 

Renewing life also means 
Continuing the things, you love.  

Duck: word of the day challenge

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wanting a duck

When I was a kid 
I tried to walk like a duck 
with my hands on my hips 
to my back my hands stuck. 

Those were my wings 
but the silliest were my toes 
sticking out to the sides 
as only a ducks foot goes.  

I’d quack and quack  
and sound up a storm 
to introduce myself 
and my new duck form. 

I thought back then  
that all ducks could be 
friendly pets who  
want to befriend me.  

I realize now  
that all those birds 
loved me so by 
their quacking words.  

So now I sit and ponder 
where all my ducks are at 
I don’t think I ever had any 
thanks to my fat cat! 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

A New Challenge

This could be fun! Especially for avid readers. I am starting to read again now so who knows?!?!?!