The sunday whirl: wordle #457

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True success

Jenny knew she had to concentrate  
if she wanted to graduate  
There was no way she’d get a license to fly  
If she didn’t watch the world with one eye  
To make sure she didn’t just trip  
On things that made her mind spin like a whip  
She would learn how to sing her own song  
It is true as they say it will not take long  
To go where she wanted delicious success  
Not just inflate her ego or gain even less, 
She fall to the ground in one mighty clump  
Instead of taking life with one great big jump. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Essence of life

Such a good message! I think people often judge themselves on their possessions and wealth.

Brainy essays

कद नही बढ़ता एड़िया उठाने से

बुलन्दिया तो मिलती है सर झुकाने से|


You don’t grow tall,

Just by standing on your toes,

True heights of glory are achieved,

When you learn to respect, and the head bows.

Conclusion :

Let go of your ego and pride, and learn to respect others.

Have a wonderful day!

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