Block: FOwc with Fandango


Dear Covid-19,

I’ve been doing some serious thinking, since I have so much time on my hands and I have decided to let you know that I’m done. I’m done waiting for you to show up like you say you will. I’m done with it all.

As far as our relationship goes I would rather knock you down like a tower of children’s blocks than play this ridiculous game of cat and mouse with you. If you want to know the truth; everyone is sick of you.

Don’t bother leaving a note, I will be happy just to see you gone.


©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Thursday #writephoto

For Sue’s challenge:


Love is born

If I could paint my love for you 
I’d find the things that made me smile 
With all the color and the hue 
I’d search and search every mile. 

I’d walk the bridges that were built 
to span the waterway 
I’d soar the skies and search the clouds 
Forever and a day. 

And in the end it would all come back 
to peaceful, green and new 
Life begins when love is born, 
My love is born for you.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry