From my desk: 05/19/2020

I didn’t get many writing challenges done today, actually not much writing done today at all. My day was busy with a guy coming to look to see if he can do something with my kitchen cabinets, then I started reading that book that I won, I reorganized my messy space, and the list goes on….

I am making bound journals now. I watched Book Binding at Home by Peg and Awl. So far I have made 4 journals. They are super cute. I might try to sell them on ETSY just to defray the cost of materials.

As the “anniversaries” near marking losing my husband and then my son, I wanted to reflect upon the support I feel I have gotten in the WordPress community. Not just kind words, but real people with common interests, who seem to care about others. So, thank you!

Peace to you all! I shall return with my typing fingers in the morning!

Top Ten Tuesday


May 19: Reasons Why I Love [insert your favorite book title, genre, author, etc. here]

Reasons Why I love Psychological Thrillers and Mysteries

  1. In the real world, things happen that you don’t ever hear about. I am fascinated with how the mind works and in many of these cases the mind is a little “f-ed” up. It just intrigues me.
  2. I always wanted to join the FBI
  3. I like solving mysteries
  4. I like that many of them have real types of people as characters.
  5. I love twists in plots.
  6. I like having no idea where the plot is going.
  7. I secretly think I was a detective in another life.
  8. They are long, but not too long.
  9. There are so many good ones to choose from.
  10. I just love them!

A little help please…

So I was given the idea of making “how to” videos of the miniatures. I think it is a great idea because before I knew what I was doing I would have loved to watch one. Anyhow, I videoed on my phone the unwrapping and explained directions, tools, etc.

When I am done I will probably have, let’s say, ten videos. How do I put them on youtube? Do they all go on separately? Do I somehow combine them before putting them on youtube? Can anyone put anything on youtube?

I don’t want to keep filming the construction if I then have nowhere to put the videos. Any help would be wonderful!!!!

Thank you ahead of time!