What do you see? #30

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Beneath the oak tree

Down here beneath the old oak tree  
My daddy used to sing to me.  
He sang of love, of joy, of pain  
He sang right there despite the rain.  
Now that I am getting old  
I try to remember what was told  
By my daddy about life  
On happiness, sorrow, about strife.  
I wish I had my daddy now  
So he could show me life and how  
To live the best life it can be  
It will take effort all from me.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

I won!

If you didn’t already know I have four books published using my great-nieces name, Penelope. I am a GoodReads author. Only three are on Goodreads. All are on Amazon.

I signed up for a bunch of giveaways and I won a book! It is called Blood Contest by P.K. Abbot. It is the first in a murder series. I will read it and leave a review. If I commit to that then I have to set time aside to read, which is something I haven’t been doing enough of.

Check me and the author out!

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Providence Rhode island: what pegman saw

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Providence, RI is about the halfway point between my best friend and I, so for the past twenty years or so we have been meeting at Providence Place Mall. When the kids were little we used to bitch because there are only elevators in one spot or you practically have to exit the mall to get to an elevator.

For all the years we have been going we have seen a lot of stores come and go. The Disney Store was always a favorite of mine. They now have a Lego store which is so expensive! All of the stores are higher end stores. Whether that is true or it is said because the prices are so high, I’m not sure.

So now when we meet we do different things. In the summer we enjoy Fire Water, when they have bonfires “floating” on the water. It is definitely a beautiful city and if you have the opportunity try to squeeze in a as much as up you can

©2020 CBialczk 

Fix: quadrille #104

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Maybe it’s me

If I thought about you  
And how I’d fix your ways  
I’d start with all my visions  
Of you these past few days.  
Were you even happy?  
Did you say some grace?  
Maybe it is me needs fixin’ 
Here around this cold, dark place. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry