Merry May poetry play!

Write about dragonflies and another beast or beasts.

This isn’t a poem, it’s a story…Oops, but now I would like to share it anyways. Enjoy. On second thought, I made a little poem at the end about Marvin. Now I guess it fits the prompt.

Marvin the beast

My grandpa once told me a story about a giant beast who decided to become a positive member in the negative world we now know as Trumptatorship, a time when the country reversed from being a democracy with a President and other equal branches, to a dictatorship with one evil dictator.  

“Grandpa, please, tell me the story about the beast again!” 

“Ha-ha, well okay Sydney, but you remember it’s the ending that is the important part of this story.” 

“I know Grandpa, I promise to think only the ending is good.” 

“Back a long time ago when people were healthy, there was a beast. He lived in a village outside the city and typically drove his car back and forth to the city several times a day. He did not care that his car was old, that he had not passed emissions ever, or that the smell of burning rubber was just that, old tires being burned in the trunk to run the car. He would throw his garbage out the window every mile, to scatter it evenly so it did not seem like he was dumping his trash in one load on the side of the road. On top of this, he rarely ever paid for things he took home. He was a beast and for most shop owners when they saw old Marvin walk in, the only thing they paid attention to was old Marvin leaving.  

Marvin lived like this for many years and ignored the positive aspects of the government and the beauty of a free country. He never realized how much he contributed to the decline, which eventually led to Trumptatorship.  

It was on a sunny day in May when Marvin looked up at the sky and could see nothing but blue skies with wispy white clouds. There was no more gray. The air smelled like blossoms off a tree. Marvin was confused. He felt sort of good inside, some sense of positive.  

Marvin hopped into his car and turned the key in the ignition. Nothing happened. He tried again, still nothing. First, he went to check the trunk. Maybe he was out of tires to burn? Nope he had plenty. Next, he went to look at the engine. Every part in there was replaceable, except shipping was now so slow from China. Marvin knew there was nowhere in this country to buy parts, but that did not really matter because Marvin did not see anything wrong with the car. Marvin just stared at the car, not sure what he would do next. Suddenly, a dragon fly, about the size of a small hummingbird, came and rested upon his open hood. Marvin had only heard of these creatures, never ever saw one!  

What happened next is what changed Marvin. That dragonfly, the one that landed on the hood of the car, began taking off a thick, grimy layer of dragonfly skin. The dragonfly that emerged was the most beautiful thing Marvin had ever seen. He smiled at the dragonfly and she smiled back at him.  

“Please big beast, may I live with you in your clean town, with clean air and no horrible fuel emissions?” 

Marvin did not know how to respond so he just nodded his head.  From that point on, Marvin and his beautiful dragonfly did nothing to hurt the earth, knowing that the dragonfly never wanted to put on the oily suit again.  

“Grandpa, how did he know that he shouldn’t drive his car?” 

“Well, Sydney, I don’t know but if I had to take a guess, I would say the dragonfly told Marvin that that old car was nothing but a giant polluter.”  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Marvin and the dragonfly

Marvin was a giant beast 

Who didn’t care at all 

About the world around him  

Until dragonfly came to call. 

She told him he should not drive 

That beat up, junky car. 

Emission is what covers  

The earth where we see a star.  

Where there is one star we had learned  

There were so many more 

Keeping our earth clean and nice 

Was a priority not a chore.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

WHITTLED WORDS – REVERSE POEM Posted by Brad Osborne on May 15, 2020

Reverse poems are written to be read top to bottom, and conversely, to be read bottom to top. When read in reverse, the poem should elicit a reversal of the tone and sentiment that is given reading it forward. Some incorrectly refer to this as “mirror” poetry, but that is an entirely different form, which we will address at some point in this series, hopefully.

Ode to mourning

All your days can still shine bright 

Despite the showers that rage 

And the storm that you feel is real 

Your loss is forever. 

Give in to your feelings 

Mourn the dead as you have praised the living. 

Light may shine another day. 

Gray clouds will cover you  

Let yourself feel the pain 

Grief will eat you 

Tend to your inner self 

Do not pretend it hurts no more 

This feeling is incomprehensible 

It buries you. 

It clouds the sun.  

©2020  CBialczak Poetry

Tale weaver #275: Fairytale


This week consider your notion of a Frog Prince story.

Create the tale of the frog and his longings, desires, and more often his reality.


Once upon a time there was a frog and none of his family really knew why, but he was the ugliest out of all the frog eggs that were laid. They loved him anyhow, but he knew he was destined to be alone forever.

Now, one day, while hopping through the brush to find a suitable bug and perhaps some cool, soft ground to lay on, Ugly found something he had only heard about in fairytales; it was a mirror. He hopped closer, not sure if someone would be nearby watching him, and he looked into the mirror. What he saw was another frog just as ugly as he was! He was so excited at this point that he hopped around, splashing mud onto the mirror. When he looked again the other frog was gone.

Ugly decided the next day to return to the place where he found the mirror. Maybe the other frog would be there as well! Unbeknownst to him, it had rained during the night, washing the mud off the mirror. Again, he hopped over and looked into the mirror! There was the other ugly frog! Without further ado he told the other frog that if she were able to meet him under the brush so as to have a little privacy, he would be there waiting.

Time passed and no other frog showed up. Ugly was heartbroken. He hopped back to the mirror and saw that there was some sort of crack down the middle. This time when he peered into the glass he saw two more ugly frogs!

Ugly went home knowing that since those frogs were multiplying so quickly, he would soon have a mate of his own.

The End

From my desk: april 15, 2020

I have seen a lot of blogs talking about healthy eating since many of us are packing on the pounds being stuck home. I used to health coach for a company and although I don’t agree with their ideas, since it is all processed and packaged, I did love many of the lean recipes. One of the very best sites is called Sandy’s Kitchen Adventures. Try the cauliflower crust pizza! I typically don’t like cauliflower but this is awesome and very healthy! Let me know what you try!

In Willimantic, CT there is a “famous” bridge called the Frog Bridge.
Today, on my one day out for errands I noticed that the frogs are wearing masks!

Not that many will care but since all the shipping delays I don’t have a miniature to work on. So sad. But I spent yesterday drawing. I found this one woman who has youtube videos on how to draw things and I found her very easy to follow and complete the drawings! RapidFireArt
If you follow this artist, Harriet Muller she is really good too.
There is one called How2DrawAnimals but his videos are very fast and not as descriptive of what to do.
I suggest RapidFireArt: How to draw a realistic eye

David’s car got hit last week. Luckily no one was hurt at all but the insurance company totalled out his car based on the amount of damage and the year, etc. So we have been car shopping. David would really like a Toyota FJ Cruiser so we have been looking at those. We drove two and each handled differently, so it is important to try them out. Toyota doesn’t make the FJ anymore, although they say they will again soon, so all of the FJs on the market are used.

Well, I am off to read blogs and then do one of the drawing lessons. Today it was in the 60’s which is really encouraging, especially when my yard hasn’t really been tended to in over a year and a half.

Peace to you all! Thanks for following!