“his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream”

Prosery: Maya Angelou

Written for d’Verse Poets Pub: https://dversepoets.com/2020/05/11/prosery-maya-angelou/

Amaya thought she was safe in her home. She had done research to find a neighborhood that had a low crime rate, lots of families, and was close enough to town to be convenient. It wasn’t until the day she arrived home to find the side door open. 

Amaya steps out of her car. She thinks she sees the open door but dismisses it, knowing she locks all the doors in the morning before she leaves for work. Walking around the side of the house, she sees that the door is open. Convinced it is the wind, she goes inside and locks the door.  

That evening, after retiring to bed, Amaya hears some talking. Even in the dark she can feel and see the evil, for his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream only heard in the darkness locked in her house of dreams. 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces

Written for: https://onewomansquest.org/2020/05/11/vjs-weekly-challenge-95-bits-and-pieces/

Less than a month ago I bought my guinea pig, Beary, a brother and named him Oreo. I had them separated for almost two weeks but they would squeal at each other from their perspective cages, so they are now living in one.

Their habitat consists of those cubes you put together with the circle-thingies. I originally had a 3 X 2 habitat, each cube is about 14″. Well that wasn’t big enough. Now the cage is 4 X 2 and has two levels! We built a ramp and this way they both have their own areas if they want to. Right now they just follow each other from one place to the next. I do think they love their new mansion home.

Now I use bits and pieces of the cubes to make little apartments.

I was nominated!

Thank you Roxacena; https://roxy743.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/vincent-ehindero-blogger-award-april-2020/

These are roxacena’s questions for me:

1. What’s your biggest fear in life? How do you deal with it? My biggest fear in life is losing more people before their time. I understand when people are elderly and pass but the passings like I have had to deal with in the past two years is different. This was a fear ever since my mother died when I was 23. The way that I deal with it is to remind myself that God has a plan and that there is no control over things such as death. I also remind myself that I am alive and I need to enjoy what time I have here on earth.

2. What are your accomplishments so far in terms of work/ career and life? I have two master’s degrees and a certificate in school administration. I feel I am good at what I do. I think I have accomplished a lot and am happy with what I have done with my life so far. There are things I would change if I could go back, but no real regrets.

3. Share your thoughts about couples with no kids (childless)? I think that if a couple does not want to have children, then they should stick to their guns and not listen to negativity. Life is different from before when women were able to have babies and stay home. Family dynamics were different too. From what I recall there was this divide between couples with kids and couples without kids. Now, I feel that divide is closing, as it doesn’t matter as much. There are times I envy couples like this because they seem to enjoy adult life in a very different, free sort of way.

4. How do you envision yourself when you reach 60 years old? I think I am going to be about the same as I am now. Hopefully in better shape and more active. I would love to be fully into my yoga practice.

5. Describe your relationship with your family? My mother passed away in 1994. My father and I are very close, however he now has dementia which is hard. I talk to one of my sisters. One sister is angry with me for something (I think when I asked her to move out of my house). One sister I have never met and my brother was in jail for so long, I don’t know where is he now. My husband passed away almost two years ago and my son passed last July. I am very close with my daughter and I have David as my partner. I have a few cousins who I am not necessarily close with but know that if I needed someone they would be there for me.

My Nominees are:

Margie at https://my48.poetry.blog/
Stephen at https://muttado.com/
Jill at J-Dubs Grin and Bear it at https://jilywily.wordpress.com/
Anisha at Crazy Nerds at https://crazienerds.wordpress.com/
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Let’s get to know each other more. Please answer the 5 questions below.

  1. If you could change only one thing in your life from your teens or early twenties, what would it be and how do you think your world would be now?
  2. Which would you choose and why?
    a. publishing 5 books through a vanity press
    b. publishing 5 books on your own
    c. publishing 1 book with a traditional, well-known publisher
  3. What one place would you like to live (if there were no restrictions on moving there, ie. job, money) for the rest of your life and why did you pick that place?
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