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May 7, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to nourish. The characters can nourish or be nourished. What else can be nourished? A tree? A setting? Does the sunset nourish the soul? Go where the prompt leads!


Nourishment in my kitchen

For years I had a compost bin. It was out in my garden and it was big. I didn’t know much about composting, so I did not know I had to turn it often. When I had my house on the market the garden and the compost bin got dismantled.  

I bought a new compost bin for outside. I also bought one that goes on my counter. Every few days I push the spout and a liquid comes out. I mix this with water and use it to nourish my houseplants. I love watching all things from nature grow. 

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The horizon

Pink mixes with shades of blue 
blanketing the ocean 
meeting at the horizon. 

Water flows back to the sea 
Knowing where it came from 
Aware of where it wants to be. 

Peaceful harmony 
two worlds collide as they make 
a perfectly straight line.  

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