Renounce – #YDWordPrompt May 7, 2020

Written for YDWP:

He sees me differently

I hate to think I’m fat 

There’s so much more than that. 

He knows that I am smart 

And really good at art. 

I know that myths are bad 

I’d renounce them if I had 

More faith in my being 

Just like he is seeing.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Outline: fowc with fandango

Written for FOWC:

Chalk outline of dead body on asphalt road texture. Overlay vector illustration.

Walking through the empty streets, Marcy had an eerie feeling of being watched. No one had returned to this part of the city since the shooting, there hadn’t even been any rain, so the outlines of bodies were still visible on the pavement. Marcy had lost count many streets ago. 

©2020 CBialczak FIction

A journey to irrelevance (contd)

Please contribute to this collection of writings! How fun to see how long this can go!

Reena Saxena

It was a comment from Christine Bialcziak on my story, and a request from me that she carry the story ahead, which started this….

She kindly did. Read both parts of the story at

He is on unfamiliar terrain.

The assignment is not clearly defined, he is not comfortable with local culture and his set of competencies cannot be put to use here. Vaguely, he thought of the celebrity singer who sat near Haji Ali, singing on a harmonium, and had collected twelve bucks for his talent. He used it to highlight the importance of the paraphernalia and supporting set-up which make one a star.

The sight of this box in the middle of the forest made him aware, that his journey to irrelevance is now complete.

How will he make a clean exit?

Will he make an exit at all? Who was he to think that something in…

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