Provision: Your Daily Word Prompt



Provisions for you  
provisions for me 
Help with the housework 
Help it will be. 

Provisions include 
the following stuff 
let’s not forget  
that enough is enough. 

While people may hoard 
all the TP and cleaner 
I just buy what I need 
no need to be meaner. 

People are rude and  
will rush to your face 
making you want 
to find your own space. 

 Some towels and cleaner 
a bucket and brush 
A few drops of water  
three isn’t a rush. 

So, sit down and think of  
all the things left to do 
before starting housework 
You must have a clue.  

What we do…A Redo…

A fellow blogger, rishabh kumar, made a suggestion that I turn “I” in “We”, which I thought was a great idea! Thanks.


We write to express our thoughts and emotions
We write to get it all out of our head.
We write to take up the time we have waiting
We write to use up all the number two lead.

We draw to show the things that come to our mind
We draw to show thoughts that we think
We draw to take up time when we am not writing
We draw because we have markers with ink.

We craft to take time to do creative adventures
We craft to see the beautiful things to make
We craft to have fun in our own little workshop
We craft to stay thinner than times when we bake.

We read to find places that we’d like to go
We read to increase our knowledge of life
We read to get ideas for simple creations
We read to keep our minds sharp as a knife.

We write and we draw, we craft and we read
We stay quite busy each day, yes indeed!

©2020 CBialczak

Daily QUote

The course of true love never did run smooth

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Who were the best lovers in all of the world, in all time?

What did Shakespeare experience to know that love is a rough road?

Where did Shakespeare get all his ideas?

When does love run smoothly?

Why is Shakespeare considered such a fabulous writer?

How do we know what true love is?