SCREEN – FOWC with Fandango

Written for:

Growing beans

When you go to plant a bean 
use a net or a screen 
for plants like this like to climb 
growing food in given time 
Feed it food that you have made 
from the waste that is food grade 
Mix it up with water and stir 
Fertilizer for plants to endure.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Just a note: I read somewhere that it is one of the best fertilizers in the world and it is made at home: Cut up a banana peel. Pour in three to four cups of water. Cover it tightly and wait 36 hours. Strain the liquid and you have a healthy fertilizer that is full of only good nutrients!!!

Obnoxious: Word of the day Challenge

This is…

What is more obnoxious than…….

  • telemarketers calling but leaving no message?
  • a group of people stopping right in front of you at the mall, oblivious that you are now part of the group?
  • a toddler screaming for no reason except that they didn’t get what they wanted?
  • ordering take-out and getting it home only to see that they made your meal wrong?
  • going to the store for one thing and coming out with a load of items but NOT the one thing you went in for?
  • having a craving for something sweet but having not one treat in the house?
  • finally finding a favorite brand and then they discontinue it?
  • a little kid screaming and the adult screaming even louder to shut them up? (like that will ever work?!?!?!?)
  • waiting for the mail only to find junk mail and supermarket flyers?
  • needing two eggs for your recipe but you only have one?
  • not having staples when you only needed one?

Cryptic: Your daily word Prompt

What is?

What is cryptic? 
Is it an old sneaker that has no laces? 
Is it a yellowed letter from a childhood crush? 
Is it dried roses from that special occasion? 
Is it the message we send when we text in CAPS? 
Is it a riddle that has no answer? 
Is it found in a desert beneath a pyramid wall? 
Is it found in the bottom of the ocean in a sunken ship? 
Is it the way you feel when you look at your lover? 
Is it a poem that has no rhyme? 
Is it a story that has more than one ending? 
All of these questions, so obscure, so vague…. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Routine: the daily Spur

Make a routine

Make a routine and you will see 
that you and the family are happy. 

When people know just what to do 
It makes it easier for me and you. 

Just make a chart with colors bright 
Schedule morning, noon and night. 

Make a list for all family 
Life will glide by more smoothly.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Just a note: As I write this and think about routines, I honestly do think they make life run more smoothly. Why am I telling you all this? Because maybe, just maybe, if I put it out there I will start doing it!!!!!

Day Twenty:


mary’s googlehuff cake

It may sound a bit silly 
but back on that day 
I thought it too hilly 
to walk up that way. 

But here came my neighbor 
with cake in her hand 
held out before her 
just as she planned.  

She made it for us 
since we just moved in 
she said it’s no fuss 
in her great big kitchen. 

I found out years later 
that there were two cakes 
one made to cater 
the dog ate it for God’s sakes.  

So she had to make one 
that was whole and delish 
Sugar powered when done 
A beautiful dish.  

I remember just thinking 
“wow here’s a good friend” 
We now sit ‘round drinking 
we’ll be friends to the end.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


What is macro photography?  Basically, macro photography is capturing small subjects with larger than life results. A true macro shot could be anything magnified at a ratio of 1:1 or higher.  For the purpose of this challenge, we will not be strict with the 1:1 rule.  I am more interested in people having fun looking for the details, whether it is true macro or close-up photography.  A macro lens is not a must.  Great results can be obtained with whatever zoom lens and camera is on hand.

Everyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingback or add a link in the comment section below.

Yesterday on our walk I took some pictures. I had put them on my blog but I thought this would be perfect for Macro Monday!

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100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge #15

Written for Dave Madden at

Prompt Word: Manager

monkey see, monkey do

Jeff looked both ways to see if anyone had come in the shop without him noticing. He hadn’t seen anyone, but he had to be sure. He knew Gary was in back in his office so now would be the time. Jeff slowly opened the cash drawer using the emergency latch, so as not to make any noise, grabbed a few twenties and a few tens and stuffed them in his pocket. There wasn’t much Gary could do, since he had no way of keeping track of money. Jeff had seen Gary, who is the manager, do the same thing.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Blogging A to Z April Challenge: Q 04/20/2020

Quick quizzes: why are they important?

Believe it or not, kids love to show what they know! Why not make some mini-quizzes to reinforce learning? They don’t have to be traditional paper and pencil quizzes. They could be a back and forth question session. Let children quiz you on what they learned. That is a reinforcer!

Quick quizzes or informal questioning is so important because it reinforces what is being taught. It is also a way for parents to see what their children are having trouble with. This is very important information that should be relayed back to teachers. No one wants kids falling behind. Teachers have ways of completing formal and informal assessments. While children are out of the classroom, you can assist teachers in knowing what needs to be retaught or emphasized. This is a win-win for everyone!

A great way to have a fun time with kids is to play Kahoot. All you need is at least 2 separate pieces of technology. You can sign up for free on There are existing quizzes and you can also make your own quizzes. Quizzes can be about anything! They can be super fun. Check it out or ask your child’s teacher about it.