New: discover Prompts day 18

Written for Ben Huberman at Discover Prompts:

Baby veva

Jackie and Michael had no idea what to do. They had gone to classes and read all the books in the library. They even had dinner dates with friends who told them everything they would need to know, but now that the time was here, they felt lost. Jackie and Michael just got home from the hospital with their new little bundle of joy, Veva.  

Veva was a good baby, even though she was only three days old. She only cried when she was hungry or had a dirty diaper. She was very alert for a newborn. Walking through the door now, though, with Veva in Jackie’s arms, the world seemed a lot bigger and a lot scarier than it used to. But, unlike hobbies or fads, this was one you never gave up, and they were so happy to have their own family now.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Three line tales

three line tales, week 220: beach baseball (or beach cricket?)
photo by Brandon Hoogenboom via Unsplash

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

It didn’t take long to get everyone together for the stickball game, since everyone was home from school. We all tried to keep our social distancing appropriate, and Andy didn’t have to worry with Baxter at bat, the ball would be flying a lot farther than six feet. Baxter trained his eye on the ball as Andy wound up the pitch…

Hope for tomorrow

When the day  
has ended 
and you have  
said goodnight  
to your home 
that is replete only  
with family 
or with no one 
at all,  
there is still tomorrow 
because you are  
still subsisting 
and there is 
that tomorrow 
will bring 
less sickness, 
less death, 
less sadness.  

Wake with a new dawn 
Tomorrow will be better 
Because it has to 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three things challenge

Written for Di at Pensitivity101:


bread for my wife

If I go to cook some bread 
I turn the oven on. 
I think about the yeast and flour 
and apron that I’ll don.  

I plan the taste of olive oil 
and add some poppy seeds. 
I kneed the dough, add some zest 
and anything it needs.  

When it’s done it’s out of the pot,  
the hot bread comes to life. 
I put the lamp on, spread some jam 
and give it to my wife.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Blogging A to Z April Challenge: P 04/18/2020

Parent of teacher? Which should you be?

Kids are home. Teachers are virtual. Parents are home. What should parents be doing to reinforce learning and support teachers?

Parents will always be a major teacher in their children’s lives. Teachers right now are working hard to provide appropriate education so students don’t fall behind. Parents should be encouraging students to complete all of the work assigned. Parents should also be talking to their children about what they are learning. Keep it positive though! Don’t add more onto the plates of students at this time, above and beyond what they are capable of. Even children are stressed right now because life is so different. Keep that in mind when helping kids learn.

Why is this a big deal? For one, you don’t need to be the bad guy. There doesn’t need to be a bad guy! Learning should be fun and a positive part of life. Secondly, your children should know they can turn to you at any moment for help or advice. If there is a lot of strife in the home over learning, children will shy away from asking questions. Finally, every child needs their parents and guardians. They have unfortunately lost their normal schooling, keep the relationships at home positive with some consistency. Kids need it.