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My love grows

If you were to call 
and ask me how I was 
I’d shift a bit uncomfortably 
I don’t like all the buzz. 

I try to keep a smile 
so that the camera sees 
just a bit of happiness 
My love for you’s a breeze. 

So if you want to try me 
and try to ruin my day 
you can try and foil my plans 
My attitude will stay. 

My love for you is solid 
pretty unstoppable I know 
so leave the world to wonder 
my love will always grow.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Gregarious: Your Daily Word Prompt

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt:

Leave a text

Once I was so social 
but now I do no more 
I like to have my comfort 
and be private behind my door.  

They used to say I acted 
gregarious at times 
but now that I am older 
alone and lazy are my crimes.  

If you need to reach me 
text or leave a note 
I don’t answer any calls 
solicitors get my goat.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry