Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


Amanda put her purse back in the closet. The delivery girl brought the food more quickly than she had thought it would come. Looking at the wrapped food, she could barely remember what she ordered. It was the only food she could get her hands on, she had no way of shopping and didn’t want to go out anyhow. Amanda wished she had someone to share all this food with.

contrite: FOWC with Fandango

Oh, so guilty

Contrite is what you call me 
and maybe you are right 
I’m not a hidden angel 
I don’t stay up all night. 
Please do not remind me 
of all the things I’ve done,
or things that I have said before,
or games that I have won. 
I hate to think that I’ve made 
mistakes along the way 
So here I sit so guilty 
It takes up most my day.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for Fandango’s FOWC:

Lest: Your Daily Word Prompt

Work to be done

We wear our masks lest we spread the virus.
We wear our gloves lest we touch the virus.
We stay at home lest we spread the virus socially.
We will continue social distancing lest this virus takes over our world.
We will pray there is an end in sight lest we all go stir-crazy.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Blogging A to Z April Challenge: F 04/07/2020

Foldables and why they work

Foldables are easy to make and need minimal supplies. You can make them with construction paper to make them colorful, but if you don’t have that at home, regular white paper will work just as well. As an educator, I have used foldables with all grades up to seniors in high school. Why not make them? They do nothing but enhance learning and encourage students to be active learners.  

What is a foldable?  

Foldable is a three-dimensional, interactive graphic organizer based upon a skill. Making a Foldable gives students a fast, kinesthetic activity that helps them organize and retain information either before, during, or after reading. Foldables are best effective if constructed by the learner.  

How do I make a foldable?  

There are a lot of websites to show you how to make a foldable. One type of foldable can be used in multiple ways and for multiple subjects. Try a site like this: 

There is a woman Dinah Zike who has put together a book on making foldables. I will attach a link here. 

Why do foldables work? 

  1. They keep information organized. No more flipping through notebook pages or back and forth in a textbook.  
  1. They reduce boredom. Tactile activities, like making a foldable, enhance learning and get students active in their own learning.  
  1. Any age can use them. Foldables aren’t for just the little kids. They can be excellent study guides. Just the act of making a foldable is supplementing the actual information and leads to better learning.  
  1. Use them to take notes, to organize notes, or to study notes. A foldable can be used at any point in learning.