Close: Quadrille #101

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Hey there, Poets-in-Residence! De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) here. It’s Quadrille Monday again (my favorite!)…when we pen poems of exactly 44 words (not counting the title), including one specific word provided.

Open your Heart

Close the door to sickness 
open your heart to appreciation. 

Close your eyes to pessimism 
open your heart to optimism. 

Close your mouth to negativity 
open your heart to positive thinking. 

Close your ears to bad news 
open your heart to faith and hope. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Engine: FOWC with Fandango

Written for Fandango:

Virus, Isolation, Politics

If there was an engine that really, really could 
wouldn’t there be people driving behind it’s hood? 
For now, there are no people, no passengers or guests 
The virus has us locked up, like eggs inside a nest.  
When we think of hatching we all will want to run 
Seeing the world in sickness isn’t, for anybody, fun.  
Children want to play outside or in the village square 
While parents worry if they’ll get the virus in the air. 
We have to be so careful to not get sick and die 
Donald Trump is awful with nothing to do but lie.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Precise: Ragtag Daily Prompt

Not so great

If precise is so perfect  
and perfect is great 
why don’t I feel healthy 
like food that I ate?  

I try to count calories 
and get on the scale. 
The numbers move slower 
than a slug or a snail! 

I guess that my insides 
are happy to get 
nutritious food 
it never has met.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

For Ragtag Daily Prompt:

Miranda Lambert Performs ‘Bluebird’ From Her Porch, Reminds Fans ‘Music Is Medicine’ — Latest Entertainment News | Top Celebrity News, Hollywood Headlines

Miranda Lambert is reminding us all that music is medicine. During Sunday night’s “ACM Presents: Our Country”, more than 20 stars came together for a two-hour television event featuring performances from their very own homes. RELATED: ‘ACM Presents: Our Country’: Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, And More Perform Touching Kenny Rogers Tribute The 2020 ACM Awards…

Miranda Lambert Performs ‘Bluebird’ From Her Porch, Reminds Fans ‘Music Is Medicine’ — Latest Entertainment News | Top Celebrity News, Hollywood Headlines

What day is it anyway? Monday April 6th

Piggy-backing Carol Anne’s post:

1:30 PM right now.

My daughter called this morning at 7:15 am. I wasn’t up, but I always pick up (at least now I do since I’ve been through hell and back). Later in the morning she texted me that she had just woken up and thought it was 7:15 PM! Hahaha, it made sense. I couldn’t understand why a 21 year old would call mom at 7:15 am unless it was an emergency.

I then had my therapy session, virtual session. All is good with that.

I then went on the computer and ordered a few new miniature kits. I have decided to make a “street” of some of the Asian market kits. I will put up a shelf and line them up like a street, adding other things to make it seem realistic. I love these kits and it is starting to add up money-wise, but I’m not spending much money otherwise and I love making the kits. The current one I am doing now is a book store. If you have a book lover and want a completed kit, it will be $80.

After I went and purchased the kits that I would like to complete for my “Asian Market Street”, I checked out some books on Amazon Audible. They had a few free ones that looked good and I also had three credits to use. I am listening to one now.

The last time I had my road trip to Florida I wanted to listen to an audible. When I went through them and picked one it was a Psychological Thriller about these two brothers who search for innocent travelers to torture and kill. Yeah, so I got through a few pages and realized I was an innocent traveler and this was probably NOT a good choice. Anyhow, the only other “non-thriller” stories was one about Salvadore Dali. It was good but not that long. So, the point of my story, I “bought” some interesting books for my road trips.

Next, my time on WordPress, and here I am!
Have a peaceful day, stay healthy, keep your distance from others, and pray this virus stops it’s journey very soon!

Blogging A to Z April Challenge: E 04/07/2020

Exercise gives energy for learning 

With children home from school now, many are much more sedentary than they usually are. We all know this is an issue, with the increase in technology there has a been a decrease in physical activity in young people. There have been many studies on physical activity and how it affects learning and memory. Through many of these studies there is proof that physical activity does improve learning.  

In a study by KAREN POSTAL PH.D., ABPP-CN, It was shown that exercise does in fact increase memory and retention. 

As an educator I understand the difficulty in motivating children to study and sit down long enough to learn what needs to be learned in a day. If your child is having trouble, try some exercises. It doesn’t mean you have to commit a long amount of time. You can do a few sets of different exercises to wake the brain up and then get to work. If need be, you can do sets of exercises throughout the day to keep yourself and your child awake and alert.  

Here are some great ideas: 

Once you have done a few sets move onto an educational task. Taking breaks is okay and a good thing! When young people are at school, they get breaks, sometimes only three to five minutes, between classes. Everyone needs a break. Movement is the best break to wake up a tired mind! Keep it fun, keep it relaxed, learning will happen in a positive environment.  

Blogging A to Z April Challenge: 04/06/2020: D

D: Diary Entries

I guess I am what you would call “middle aged”. When I was young the big thing to do, at least as a girl, was to keep a diary. The little diary I had was the one with the tiny lock and key, you know, the key that you always lost and just had to stick a bobby-pin into the lock to open. The idea of keeping a diary is a great idea but many people don’t do it.  

When kids are in public schools, many of them are required to keep daily journals. This is a sort of diary, just named something else. In many of the schools I have taught there has been a set time to journal. Students are asked to write either about a prompt or about their day. Maybe calling it a journal is more up to date than a diary.  

One of the pieces of a diary is to have a place to write your thoughts and get them out of your head. I have often heard people say that they write in their diary but rip it out days later because they never want to read it again! That is okay too. The point is to process the thoughts in your head, not keep them bottled up.  

So, what is my point about diary entries? Well, for one thing, during this pandemic it would be very useful for students of any age to write their thoughts about what is going on. Yes, we will remember most of it in ten years or 15 years but if it is written, nothing is left out. As time goes on, we forget the little things. We forget that on this date New York still had the most cases of COVID-19. We might forget the name of our favorite news anchor. What about the shows you watch to get your mind OFF COVID-19? 

The one nice thing about diaries or journaling is that spelling is not checked, and grammar isn’t necessarily an issue. You write what is in your head, period. This takes a lot of pressure off reluctant writers. They can vow to keep their pages private, in which case they may write even more than others. If possible, explain to students that you may go back and reread something and it may seem silly now that you’re not mad, for example, but if you just keep that page it is a reminder later in life about yourself.  

As an educator I push writing. Not because it is somehow the most important thing to do, but it is the only way to keep a record of our past. Imagine if Anne Frank never kept a diary! How would we have ever known that Captain Scott wanted to reach the North Pole in the early 1900’s if he hadn’t kept a journal?   

Finally, journaling or writing in a diary should be fun and relaxing. That is why we don’t go back and check our spelling or grammar. It is like a best friend to talk to or some other confidante. You can buy a journal or make one yourself. Making a journal with your own cover can be a fun way to personalize your belonging. On one hand it is to talk about what you are holding in your head, but it can also just be a talking place. Keep it casual and write your own history! 

©2020 CBialczak Education