Together: #writephoto

Thank you Sue for hosting!

As the sun sets…

As the sun sets on the horizon 
we think of the beauty of the day. 
We hope that this night will comfort us 
And that love will guide our way. 

Together we watch the fading sun 
as though we’re saying goodbye 
We hope tomorrow brings us peace 
when the sun lights up our sky.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Champion: Word of the Day Challenge

Written for:

The Fight

If I think I’ll rule the world 
I’ll take you for the ride. 
I’ll hold you tight and say  
let’s go 
with you right by my side. 

I’ll conquer all the problems there 
for no one needs the bother 
We’ll fight together, fight like hell 
A champion like no other.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

What Pegman Saw: Happy Jack, Arizona

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 6.30.31 PM

Cragin River at the Blue Ridge 
Missing a safe crossing bridge.

Stoneman is a large-ish Lake 
yes it’s real, no beauty fake.

At the cannon you’ll find Jack 
walk around with your backpack.

All the things there are to do 
Happy Jack’s the place for you.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

NaPoWriMo 04/04/2020

There was…

There was a little boy 
who went to get a toy 
he found a box 
full of rocks 
and really jumped with joy. 

There was a cute, young teen 
who wanted to shower clean 
she was so damp 
she’d wet a stamp 
and skinny as a green bean.  

There was a cheery song 
that started with a gong 
it was a chant 
about a plant 
and sounds completely wrong.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry