Zoo: Word of the Day Challenge

Written For: https://wordofthedaychallenge.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/zoo-2/

Monkeys at the Zoo

What kind of monkey do you think you will see 
if you go to the zoo with your brother and me? 

Will it be a chimpanzee who likes to play tricks 
or a Gorilla who knows how to bang with some sticks? 

Will it be a macaque with a head full of hair 
or a lemur whose striped tail sticks straight in the air? 

Will it be a Baboon or a cute marmoset? 
When will we get there, are we there yet? 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


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Pedestrian: Ragtag Daily Prompt

Written for: https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/rdp-tuesday-pedestrian/

When I think of a pedestrian I think of Roald Dahl’s story Umbrella Man. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4OkcpPeElJEcEdnRWdtbUN6WDg/edit
Just thought I would put that out there!


Determined and  
Taking in  
Reality in 

Where you walk you see 
The world around is beauty 
in its simplest form.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #191


Written for: https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/three-things-challenge-191/ Thank you Di for hosting!

Why do babies find humor in putting pieces of food up their noses?
Is it because peas are a perfect fit?
Is it because yogurt is soft and smooth?
Is it because pretzel sticks go in just enough to still stick out?

I think it is the feeling they get when they see grown-ups smile.
I think it is the love they feel when a grown-up laughs.
I think it is because God put a hole so close to the mouth that things accidentally shift.

Kids are known for sticking crazy things up their noses. Step by step instructions for what to do when your child has something stuck up their nose.

©2020 CBialczak

Fortune: Your Daily Word Prompt

Written for: https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2020/03/31/your-daily-word-prompt-fortune-ydwordprompt-march-31-2020/ Thank you for hosting!

What is Love?

Is Love like finding a fortune
Love fills you up 
Love keeps you happy 
Love buys you memories 
Love prepares you for your future 
Love can slip away if used foolishly 
Love can disappear if not cared for 
Yes, Love is like finding a fortune

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


March 2020 Writing Prompts

Written for: https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2020/03/01/march-2020-writing-prompts/

prompt: Finding rainbows between the clouds

Finding Rainbows

I barely get to see one 
but every time I do 
the colors are so brilliant 
the red, green and blue.  

It is a special feeling 
to drive below the arc 
I wonder where the gold is 
I think that I should park. 

I’d park and walk forever 
to find that filled up pot 
cause gold could keep me busy 
it could help me out a lot.  

I know what I would do then 
if gold is what I found 
I’d buy the world some sunshine 
and peace for all around. 

I’d hope to get my life back 
for I’ve lost so much since then 
I live for all my chances 
I’ll wait for where and when.  

This time I keep on driving 
below the colored sky 
I’ll wish for lots more colors 
for now, I say goodbye.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Gamble: FOWC with Fandango


Take a chance

Have you ever thrown a penny  
in a wishing well?  
Did you get to see it  
before it even fell?  
When you play the tables  
you watch it slip away  
Gambling takes your pennies  
And you can’t help but play.  
The only difference here now  
is what to do when done 
at least when you are wishing  
you’re bound to have some fun.  
The slots are like the tables,  
the more you bet you win  
but if you bet your savings  
the tears come quickly in.  
For when you leave your money  
to simply throw away  
you might as well go get a wish  
it’s bound to make your day. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry