My Dad

I just got off the phone with me dad. He has Dementia. I don’t always know if he knows who he is talking to but he does remember me when I bring up things from the past, those things he can remember. I wrote this poem to send to him.

Although he can’t remember 
what I said today 
I think about my father 
each and every day. 

He tries to think about me 
but often forgets my name 
But I don’t get mad or hurt 
’cause he loves me just the same. 

I wish that I could see him 
more than I do right now 
but life throws us curveballs 
I’ll travel when times alllow. 

He has a charming partner 
who does more than she should 
I’d give her lots of medals 
and more money if I could. 

They live quite far away from me 
driving takes more than a day 
but when I get the chance to 
I’ll be on my merry way.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry