From my desk: 03/18/2020

Okay, we are all in a lockdown because of COVID-19. That’s all I am saying about that!

On the short road trip I just took, I visited a few interesting places.
1. Whirligig Park
2. UFO Welcome Center
3. Bonaventure Cemetery
4. St. Augustine Lighthouse
5. Eastern State Penitentiary
The park and the cemetery were open, but the other three were closed due to the pandemic.

I learned how to draw a pretty good human nose.

I realized that Baked Lays Potato Chips taste very much like Pringles. After reading this I realize they really aren’t alike….

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee from the refrigerator section of the supermarket is sweetened but doesn’t have cream in it. To help with this, I suggest, based on my current experience, Nesquik Chocolate Milk mixed in.

Okay, enough of me….Stay healthy, stay home, stay positive! Peace to you all, no matter where you live!

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 169 #PhotoPrompt

Image Credit: ©2020 Padre

Padre, from Padre’s Ramblings, provided the photo for this month’s challenge. What does this photo say to you? Write some syllabic poetry and tell me what you think. Make sure to give Padre credit for the use of his photo.

May our prayers go to the world
to stay safe and well
like a good bottle of wine,
left at home to save for a better day.

©2020 CBialczak

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the question: “How do we stay focused when the world around us is falling apart?”

Our world is falling apart. People are scared. People are dying. If you are one of the millions or billions of people who live on our earth and are paying attention to COVID-19, you are like me, you are here wondering what to do and what is going to happen.

As of this moment, 9:07 pm, Eastern Standard Time, Northeast Continental US, we (the citizens of the world) are being told to stay home. What do we do to keep our sanity? What do we do to continue living when dying seems to be knocking at our back doors? I turn to art.

For me, art is a broad category. According to Webster one of the multiple definitions of “art” is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. During this time I write a lot! I am also drawing, using both the worldwide web and some books I ordered, to teach me multiple techniques. I am learning to draw human features. I am learning to draw 3D objects properly. I am also learning to draw animals. My goal is to become a better artist so that I may illustrate my own children’s books. It also keeps my mind and body occupied at home.

Am I scared of COVID-19? Yes, a little bit. As many of my followers and other readers know, in the last 18 months I lost my husband and my son. I don’t want to lose anyone else, obviously, but emotional pain is draining and I believe it weakens our immune systems. I believe if more of us can keep in touch and provide positive vibes, prayers, and hope, we can conquer this mess.

©2020 March 18, CBialczak

Friday Fictioneers

Jacqueline’s Car

Jacqueline stared in disbelief. How did she get her car stuck up there? All she could remember was leaving the house, heading to the market to stock up on toilet paper and canned soup, and then nothing…At this point she has three bags of groceries, paper products, and vitamins but no car and no idea how she got home if her car was now balancing on the top of the marquee in front of the supermarket. Did it matter how the car got there if she is home safe and sound? She might never know the truth at this point.  

©2020 CBialczak
100 words

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

What do you see? #21

Hosted by Sadje:

She is strong!

Standing upon the cliff  
she stands as if alone  
For her love has gone away  
or perhaps made into stone.  
She wonders where her love went  
for now she has no one  
She can’t believe he went away  
and feels like life is done.  
She knows she will survive this  
because she is so strong  
For when he came into her life  
she knew he was all wrong.  
So now she holds her head up 
high up with strength and pride  
No one will ever crush her  
God’s always on her side. 

©2020 CBialczak