something that needs to be said…


Me, now…

I have had to deal with tragedy
and have distanced myself
from many people
I know care for me
But I cannot give them support
for something I am breaking apart from
So I hope you all know
That I want you back
I miss you
I need to cry on your shoulder
I need to have your company
And I will try
to reach out
to show how much
you are needed.

©2020 CBialczak

Wordle #180

Wordle 180
Written for:

Slowly, he crept low to the ground, grazing a leaf on the undergrowth, around the corner with saliva dripping down his chin. He had a specific cacoethes to bring something of quality home to his children. He typically found scraps of premium quality, but cavil with the meager scraps put in the dumpsters he was unsure of his success. It was at the last diner where he could bank on the stoic cook to leave something exceptional. Often it was left on a glass plate by the door, needing only a quick swipe and he could head home. He wanted to prod the other places, letting them know his need, his children were hungry.  

Sunshine: Ragtag Daily Prompt


Wash over me with your delicate rays, keep me warm when I am cold, light my way when it is dark, feed my body when it is needy.

©2020 CBialczak