Torrent: Thursday’s #writephoto

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My Soul

My soul flows freely like a river 
flooded by the rains 
surrounded by rock to hold me together 
leading someplace new 
always changing 
always present.  

My soul flows freely like a river 
with a torrent of happiness, 
sadness, and fear 
waiting to flood the foundation 
I have built for myself 
Built to hold myself firmly to the ground. 

©2020 CBialczak


Cliché: V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86:


Wondering about life

Is it cliché to say 
I’m moving on with my life 
even though I want to stand still 
and let the tears cleanse my soul? 
Or am I stuck in a rut? 
Unable to move on 
because the emotional pain 
keeps coming back? 
Where does this road end 
and the new one begin? 
Where does the sunshine  
dry up all the rain? 
When do I learn how to 
look for a brighter future? 
How do I keep myself focused  
on the positive things I now have 
in my life and ignore 
Is it cliché to say  
I will try one more time? 

©2020 CBialczak

Reality hits you when you have your guard down

Anyone who has lost a loved one will relate to this in some way.

This morning I was writing and I wrote something about when the kids were little. I had a boy and a girl. Now I only have a girl. Bam!!! Losing a child sucks.