Weekly Smile for 2/24/2020 #weeklysmile

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What is my smile this week?
This morning I was sitting quietly reading blogs and thinking about my day. I have my comfy chair in a place that I can stare all day at my birds. I have three hangers outside that keep the suet cakes. This morning I saw 2 giant Clickers, a handful of woody or downy woodpeckers, about 8 blue birds, a tufted-titmouse, a bright red cardinal, and a giant squirrel!

Easy Wallpaper Removal

I just completed the chore of stripping the wallpaper in the dining room. I am turning it into a den, but regardless, the paper was outdated, sagging in the corners, etc. I did my bedroom a few months ago.

If the wallpaper in your home was put up correctly often times it will come off in strips. Not the case in my house! I found the best, and easiest, thing to do is use water and vinegar (about 1:1 ratio) in a spray bottle. Find a place to start then soak the paper, ceiling to floor. While you work on a section, periodically go back and keep rewetting. The vinegar dissolves the glue making it peel off easily. Yes, your home will smell like a giant salad but that goes away and there is no lingering odor.

A friend of mine rented a steamer which she said worked beautifully! That is fantastic, but the way I work is – I think of a project and start…No time for prep work! No time for thinking! Definitely no time for renting a machine.

Anyhow, it was so easy! I completed the room by myself in two “sittings”. Let me know if you have tried this and what you think. Happy Peeling! (hahaha, didn’t even realize I used “peel” which is the word today at dVerse Pub for their Quadrille Challenge!) https://dversepoets.com/2020/02/24/quadrille-98-peelings-nothing-more/

What do bloggers want?

My question to all is this: What do you want to see when you go on your blog? A lot of “likes”? A ton of “comments”? Maybe you don’t care as long as you see your “# of followers” number increasing.

This morning I was reading on a blog, and I forget whose it was (I’m sorry, I have tried looking back to find it, but can’t), that simply pressing “like” on someone’s blog is not the “best” way to participate in the blogging experience. I thought I would comment on this and ask others to offer their input.

As often as I can, I go through the blogs on my reader and at first look for the blogs I follow closely or interact with on a regular basis. I look for challenges and prompts and have just begun starting a page in Word, where I list all of the prompts, with the creator and the pingback URL. I list them all then go back and see which I can combine into one post. When I first started writing I would write a different post for each challenge. Now after reading so many blogs, and Sadje, yours comes to mind first!, I realize part of the challenge is combining all of the separate challenges and prompts.

Back to “liking” a post…I agree with the original blog that simply “liking” a post is not necessarily genuine or helpful. I do disagree in the sense that sometimes I read a blog, and although I don’t have an opinion either way, I press “like” to let the blogger know I have read their writing. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do or not. I do admit there are some things that I read that I do not agree with or do not particularly like and I do NOT press like. It isn’t just a reading reflex.

I suppose I want to make blogging an experience and not just a thing to do. I enjoy reading others’ work, learning new things, seeing new places, etc. and I want to make sure I am reaping all of the benefits there are to blogging.

Blogging Insights # 19 Writing Prompts

Thank you Sadje for the original reblogging of this that I saw. I really enjoyed it and found it valuable so I thought I would also share it on my blog. Thank you Dr. Tanya @ Salted Caramel.

Salted Caramel


1. Do you like to respond to writing prompts?2. Do you feel that they add value to your blog?3. What are your favourite kind of writing prompts?4. Which ones are you less likely to do?

My Answers

Do you like to respond to writing prompts?I absolutely enjoy them. If I had the time and energy, I would probably write something in response to every prompt I came across.Do you feel that they add value to your blog?Tremendously !!!When I first launched my blog, I thought that I should only write about my original ideas. Blogger Sadje, who many besides me call queen of prompts, convinced me to try my hand at them. When I started creating posts in response to the prompts I realised that I was still using my original ideas and that the prompts were like a launching pad…

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Exciting News!

I am excited to expand my learning in this new direction!

Go Dog Go Café

Exciting News!

I am going to be hosting a weekly Writer’s Workshop here on Saturdays, beginning March 7th. Please join me for a fun, challenging opportunity to stretch your writing skills in this friendly environment. I love the group at GDG! I’m thrilled to be joining you, especially in a format that explores the power of language in storytelling.

The Writer’s Workshop will stick with a single prompt response each month, limited to 150-300 words, and involve several editing challenges to the same response designed to sharpen prose. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: The Fastball
This week, I will introduce some element of good prose and/or share encouraging words from favorite authors. Then, I will pitch the Fastball prompt. Participants can link their responses in the comments section, and I will share them the following week.

Week 2: Batting Practice
This week, I will continue the discussion and…

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“I never want that again”

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, 25, 2020 https://godoggocafe.com/2020/02/25/tuesday-writing-prompt-challenge-tuesday-25-2020/

As I sit and contemplate the choices I have made, I will say that they have been primarily good ones, except for those regarding you. You were a whim, a spur-of-the-moment decision gone bad. When I walked in, glanced your way, I knew what my gut was telling me, “Go the other way.” But despite my good sense and the feeling in my gut I chose the seat next to you, you were magnetic. There was no glamour, not kind words, just that look which told me to run, but which made me stay. As time slowly ticked on the feelings of dread, deep in the pit of my stomach, grew with each breath I took. On each inhale your smell filled my nostrils and on each exhale my good sense depleted. I didn’t even know your name, but your eyes were compelling and your voice hypnotic. But where are the niceties? Where are the compliments or the promises of love? Did I set myself up? Yes, for I knew deep in the deepest crevices of my intellect that the choice I was about to make was wrong for me. And so, without listening to my gut, my soul, my instincts, I left with you.

Now, I am here, you are gone, and there is nothing left but regret and disdain, sadness that reaches every inch of my being. I tell myself, “I never want that again”, but if I didn’t listen the first time, will I listen when you walk through those doors again?

©2020 CBialczak

stance: Word of the day for February 25, 2020

stance , n :
The manner, pose, or posture in which one stands. One’s opinion or point of view. A place to stand; a position, a site, a station. (specifically, climbing) A foothold or ledge on which to set up a belay. (Scotland) A place for buses or taxis to await passengers; a bus stop, a taxi rank. (Scotland) A place where a fair or market is held; a location where a street trader can carry on business. (obsolete, rare) A stanza.

Poem to a US Vet

Take a stance 

Head up high 

Let them know 

You are their guy 

Don’t show fear 

Hide your pain 

You are great 

It’s not in vain 

You deserve 

All that you get 

Show your pride 

You’re a US Vet.   

©2020 CBialczak