Your Daily Word Prompt – #Intrigue – #YDWordPrompt February 24, 2020


Do you ever wonder 
where the heroes went? 
Where they live, what they eat, 
how their time is spent? 

I think it is intriguing  
to find where they are now. 
Are they still as active 
as their aging will allow?  

©2020 CBialczak


What do you see # 18 – February 24, 2020


The Bike

Wheels turn quickly  
on each spoke 
making weeds get 
stuck and choke.  

Old bike works 
like new bike should 
Ride down streets 
and in the wood. 

Kids go fast 
Mom goes slow 
afraid a tire 
might just blow. 

Dad, he laughs 
at mommy’s fear 
But he won’t ride 
why, isn’t clear. 

We still can’t see 
why the bike 
is not the toy 
that father’s like.  

Pedal fast  
until you glide 
always try to 
enjoy your ride.  

©2020 CBialczak


Little Willie Poems

I had never heard of Little Willie poems until last week. I was trying to explain them to David, prior to reading my attempts, and I found a website that had many of Harry Graham’s original poems. I had to repost a few, as I found them hilarious! Enjoy!

Harry Graham [1874-1936] is best known for his wickedly humorous collections of light verse,  ‘Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes’ and ‘More Ruthless Rhymes’.

Tender Heartedness
Billy, in one of his nice new sashes,
Fell in the fire and was burnt to ashes;
Now, although the room grows chilly,
I haven’t the heart to poke poor Billy.

Misfortunes Never Come Singly
Making toast at fireside,
Nurse fell in the grate and died;
And, what makes it ten times worse,
All the toast was burned with nurse.

Calculating Clara
O’er the rugged mountain’s brow
Clara threw the twins she nursed,
And remarked, “I wonder now
Which will reach the bottom first?”

Loss leading me to live: Sunday Writing Prompt

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing”
So for this prompt I want you to think of something or someone that has changed your life and discuss in what ways your life changed. It could be a medication, a piece of technology, a near death experience, an epiphany you had while in the shower, a television show, a sibling. The possibilities are endless!

In 2018, I became a widow. I was told by several people that I would need to get used to my new life. When I heard this, I knew it was true, but it was unfair, because I didn’t choose any of it. In 2019, I lost my son. This was the ultimate game changer. With the help of counseling and the support of loved ones I have come to realize that I need to make choices that are for me! How is this a change? Well, when I look at my past, there is nothing that I regret, and certainly wouldn’t change my marriage or children, but I do see times when I made decisions, not on what I wanted, but on what I felt was “right”.

So, now that I have begun to learn what this means I was actually put to the test a few weeks ago. I was given the chance to possibly get back teaching in a classroom. I was appreciative of the offer and felt good to be asked, but when I thought about it I said to myself, “I don’t want to be in a classroom again.” Since my last teaching job I had told the students I worked with that I was there to stay as a teacher. My students meant a lot to me. That was an honest statement. I told them I would only leave if it were to progress in my career and get an Assistant Principal job or something like that.

When I didn’t go back this past fall, I felt badly. I didn’t tell the kids, I didn’t even know I wasn’t going back. After my son passed I just couldn’t go work with adolescents again. It was too painful. To this day I have always hoped that they knew I wasn’t teaching at another school. So when this opportunity was presented, not only did I not want to be in the classroom again, I thought how much it would hurt those students who I had told I would be there for. I would have felt bad if they learned I was teaching at another school, not with them. I know this is what life is about, and that not all things go the way we plan, but when I declined the opportunity to get back in the classroom, I knew I was making the right decision. I felt good about it for myself, and for keeping my word to those children I hope I have touched in some way.

The Clock: FFFC #54

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #54


Miguel rolled over on the thin mat that he used as a bed. Being transient meant sleeping in strange places, sometimes outdoors, which had prompted him to take a mat when it was offered at one of the shelters last year. Looking at the old fold-away clock his father had given him as a child, he saw it was almost midnight, not time to leave yet. This clock was the only thing he had been able to retain over all the years, through all the living arrangements. It reminded him of his father, a man who was rarely available, always working or entertaining. Was the clock a joke made by his father questioning him to find time to spend with him? He didn’t know, never would, as his father had died years ago. He hadn’t been there when he died, he didn’t even know where he was buried, but he would always have the clock.  

©2020 CBialczak

Haiku – ‘Pine Trees Dew-pearled Wake’ – A poem by Goff James

It is without reason that some days one person’s writing hits you in such a way that you need to share. This isn’t always explainable. I am sharing.

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A poem inspired by Ronovon’s Poetry Prompt #Challenge #294 Chaste&Taste

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Image and Poem Attribution © goffjamesart/photography/poetry

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Learn to Relax

Written for MLMM Wordle #169

If you need a winner 
Phronesis you shall need 
Blink just once 
Roll your eyes 
It’s different than greed. 

But if you want some silence 
Then shrink into your skin 
Bite your tongue 
Hold your hand 
Breath deep to begin.  

Think of only feathers 
light as cotton balls 
Find a source 
Hunker down 
Peace and quiet calls.  

parade of silence comes now 
to hoist you into peace 
Grab a pillow 
And a pad, 
A blanket made of fleece. 

If you think you need it 
Some smelly oil works 
to calm your mind 
cleanse your soul 
A few smells have some quirks. 

Does this idea baffle you? 
Make you wonder why 
various means 
different ways 
The best things you can try.  

So go ahead and try it 
there’s nothing you can lose 
close your eyes 
breathe real deep 
The worst you’ll do is snooze.  

©2020 CBialczak