From my desk: 02/23/2020

So I’m sitting here reading through all of the various blogs and looking for the writing challenges from over the past few days. Unfortunately, I feel I am unable to produce anything of my own! I am quite tired as I finished taking the wallpaper off in our dining room, which will now be a study or den. Tomorrow I will do some sanding and filling of holes, getting reading to paint. I hate trying to pick a color though because paint is so darn expensive and there are so many colors to choose from. I find a cream or very light teal are very relaxing and would be perfect for there is a serenity to them.

As I write this I am falling asleep. So, I will say goodnight and wish you all a peaceful evening or rest of the day, depending on where you are located. Tomorrow morning I shall come back in full force, tackling one challenge after another until I find them all! Sweet dreams!