Track: Word of the Day Challenge

Track of Life

Follow life along the track 
once you’re off, you don’t go back. 

Think of all the life ahead 
Don’t spend lifetime in your bed.  

Do the best that you can do 
Always be kind to the inside “you”.  

Live in truth, in pride, in love 
your life will fit you like a glove.  

©2020 CBialczak

For Word of the Day Challenge:

dVerse: ‘There are moments caught between heart-beats’.

Camille sat and watched the monitor. With each blip and tick, evidence of life was displayed on the screen. She wasn’t sure how long she sat, watching the lines, but knew it was doing no one any good to fixate and watch the squiggles, not sure what to be watching for.  

It had been two full weeks of this. In and out of consciousness, awareness to complete loss in moments. Was it the medication or the body dictating the continuous beat of the heart? She would only know what was in her heart, hoping he wanted to live, knowing death would be easier.  

So, there she sat, hoping for a future, moments caught between heart-beats, hoping that the will to live would dominate. Unfortunately, at this point she may never know. Words are no longer easy to hear, through the pounding in her chest.  

©2020 CBialczak


Cherished Conversation

This is very true of social encounters in this time and age. Although it seemed to me a bit cynical at first, it is the truth when thought about. Thanks Debbie!

Debbie Gravett

The art of conversation
Being social and polite
Faded with advancing age
With the gallop of time
Way too impatient
To put up with the unkind
To tolerate false smiles
Sit listening and wondering
What they want from me
For their intent is untrue
They either don’t absorb
Or never bother to ask
A thing about me
And yet I should remember
Their detailed life plan
So these days I opt not to go
Where I’m expected to mingle
With too many
From a foreign tribe
And I value the gems that I’ve found
In my closest friends

Debbie Gravett © 2020.02.18

FOWC: Social
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

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FOWC with Fandango: social

People Watcher

I am a social butterfly 

I talk to all the passersby 

I like to see inside the brain 

Curiosity, not in vain. 

I find their stories in my head 

Sometimes with hope, sometimes with dread 

To know what goes on in the mind 

Diversity, not hard to find. 

I listen close to stories told 

By young, between, and those quite old 

To hear the life that they have led 

I find I’ll keep my life instead.

©2020 CBialczak